VW Polo Vivo 1.4

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The entry level VW Polo has always been pretty much untouched over the years. Model after model was the same sort of thing; a round dash board with red and blue illumination at night and a basic front loading cd player with 4 speakers.

It’s not that the vehicle was bland or boring; it was that it was ever so popular for being affordable and extremely reliable.  Now you might be confused with the current Polo lineup. This Polo does look like that from the previous generation and it certainly is similar.

Polo Vivo

I know what you are thinking: How can it be called a new model, if it’s a previous generation with a few sparkly bits or different taillights added to the mix? Well, simple. The Golf Citi has totally been discontinued and the Polo Vivo has taken its place.  Armed with the same 1.4 engine since 10 years back or so, it has proven to be reliable and rather economical if driven in that manner.

The Polo Vivo is a baseline car, which means there is not much in terms of accessories. For some this is fine because they will more than likely spec what they want, when they sign on the dotted line. But as a base car, it’s not as bad as you may think.

Our car is fitted with a Blaukpunt front-loading Mp3/CD player with USB and Bluetooth.  This also means that it will accept calls, even though it’s not as sophisticated as the models which cost a fair bit more. But also remember, there are not many cars in this price range with a phone to start with. The sound is pretty good and I’ve heard a lot worse in this price category, bearing in mind that this is an extra fitted to the vehicle when ordered and it costs R3200-00.

Polo Vivo Interior

Fit the Vivo with additional alloy wheels and this will also set you back R2530-00, really to be considered because with just hubcaps, the Polo will look pretty boring. The alloy wheels also give the car a sportier look.

The 1.4 8v engine produces 55kw and produces a relatively low 1.47 g/km of emissions. Driven in an economical manner, the Vivo should see around 6.5l/100km and this is good enough for a 500km range on the 45l tank.  Acceleration is claimed at 12.9seconds to 100km/h and the top speed is around the 170km/h/. Not earth-shattering, but more than enough to get you going and keep you up to speed. Driving on the highway there always seem to be enough power to have you keep up with traffic.

Rear passenger space is pretty good for a car of this size and it should seat the average South African adult without trouble, even behind the driver. Luggage space is 270liters expandable to 635l with the seats folded flat.

Polo Vivo Rear Seat

In conclusion, the Polo Vivo is just what the South African market needs. An affordable reliable car for the masses and priced at R123.500, it is just that.  Service plans and maintenance plans are additionally added on extra at a fee.

For more info, check out www.vw.co.za

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