Vw Golf 6 Cabrio Comfortline Vs Vw Golf 6 Cabrio Highline

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Vw Golf 6 Cabrio Highline

When we tested the VW Golf 6 TSI Comfortline earlier this year, we were impressed with the cars functional role as an everyday Cabriolet. The Comfortline featured a 1.4 TSI engine fitted with only a turbocharger and making 90kw. The TSI Highline features a 1.4 TSI engine fitted with both a Turbocharger and a Supercharger, making a whopping 118kw out of the tiny 1.4l engine.

There is about a R40 000 difference in price between the two. Apart from the little differences in power there are a few points to note and base your decision on whether you would prefer the Comortline or the Highline.

The Comfortline rides softer and I like it. Call me old fashioned, but my cars need to be comfortable, like I’m riding on air. I liked the ride of the Comfortline, it drove pretty well and there was nothing wrong with it from a drivers point of view. The Highline, fitted with a sports suspension and larger alloy wheels is in a total different league. This means less body roll, and more grip in the corners. So if you are planning on buying the Cabriolet for your wife, but plan on sneaking out with it ever so often or like to drive enthusiastically, the Highline wins, no question there.

The Highline is also fitted with the brilliant Xenon headlights, which makes driving at night a breeze. They adapt to the road and always make sure your viewing distance is sufficient. I really like driving with Xenons, but they can also be specified on the Comfortline, so don’t base your decision on the lights alone.

The interior between a Comfortline and Highline are years apart. A factory Comfortline has cloth seats. While they look good and face it, they will do the job of sitting on… yes, that’s what they are for, the Highline as you have guessed it, features a sport seat. Not quite a Recaro, but a good supporting heated leather seat, which you have choice of specifying a colour when you order the car. Leather is standard on the highline, but optional on the Comfortline, so bear in mind when you are deciding on your needs in the long term.

The Highlines audio system is pretty good for a convertible. I’ve yet to find another car in its price range that matches its volume and ‘boomyness’. You can listen to it soft or you can listen to it loud, either way, it sounds good playing all genres of music.  It supports SD card (sorry no USB), Bluetooth phone, rear view camera (optional) and will also play mp3/wmas. It’s a really nice accessory to add to your Comfortline, if you plan on buying that model, instead of the Highline.

In conclusion, the Comfortline is a great car and, make no mistake, you can always up-spec it to the level of the Highline. But at the end of the day, it will still be a Comfortline with added features and you will still only have the lower output engine which makes 90kw. While 90kw is more than enough, the Highline with its added power, does overtake better on the highways. The downside is that the Highline is heavier on fuel and averages about 9l/100km, which is not bad considering its power.  If you plan on using the cabriolet in mostly traffic or feel that you don’t need the extra sportiness, the Comfortline is a great choice. However, if you even think of adding leather seats or Xenons to your base Comfortline, please think again about the Highline. It makes more power, has most of the added options as standard and will probably cost about the same at the end of the day as your up-specced Comfortline that you are about to order.

Check out www.Vw.co.za for up to date prices and specifications.


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