Vw Golf 6 1.4Tsi Cabriolet

by Stephen de Vries 2,402 views0

The Golf Cabrio has always been a desirable car ever since its inception in 1979 and, still to this day, the mk1 is still as popular a car as ever. The new Golf 6 Cabrio is a real beauty of a car and in some ways not much different to that of the first model. Sure, the body has changed, but the whole product is still the same and, as a new car for 2012, it works exceptionally well.

The interior of the Cabrio is just about perfect. The leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel feels like it was made for my hands and I’m pretty sure yours too. It just feels so right in the 9 and 3 positions. The sport leather seats, which offer decent lateral support, perhaps feel a little too sporty and could fool you into thinking that you are sitting in a GTI. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you. The multimedia system, which is an optional unit, features a 6 disk with mp3 support, reverse camera, aux in and an SD card slot. The sound is pretty impressive and there are far worse systems found in cars at this price range. The high and mid-range come through strong and for a system without a factory sub, the low end is pretty powerful too. The majority of people will be happy with this setup as is right from the show room.

All four windows are one touch up and down, with the doors obviously being frameless. The roof is fully automatic and can be raised and lowered at speeds under 30kmh. It also opens and closes faster than most car sunroofs; pretty impressive actually.

Driving the 1.4tsi engine Golf is a joy. Our model, an up-specked comfort line, only makes 90kw and 200nm, but boy does it put the power down from low. Traction control is standard and will interfere without hesitation as soon as you get on the gas hard in 1st gear.  The DSG gearbox is extremely smooth and shifts quickly. Drive it around casually and you will hardly feel the car change a gear, but jump on the accelerator, have it drop a couple of gears and just feel the turbo charged little demon pull you down the road. The Golf feels a lot faster than it actually is. 0-100 is claimed at just over 10 seconds and I can tell you it feels more like 8 seconds. The turbo spools from down low and there is just a huge wave of torque propelling you forward. Fuel consumption is claimed at 7.3l / 100km but our test came in at just over 8l/100km. Lower figures can be attained, but that would mean you have to stick to 100km/h on the highway.

With the roof down there is surprisingly very little wind in the car and you can easily sit at 140km/h and have a conversation without much trouble in hearing each other. Our car was also fitted with the optional xenon headlights and day light running lamps and if you ever order your car without them, I will honestly hunt you down. They are definitely worth having and provide ample light at night.   Plus, the day light running lamps give it that ‘coolness’ factor.

The Cabrio rides on 205/55/16 tires and, while they ride softer than that of the highline model, I personally think it needs bigger wheels, just to fill the arches a little more. On the handling front the Golf handles very well. There is some body roll but nothing excessive. Most owners will find it perfectly acceptable and nothing out of the ordinary.

The Golf 6 1.4 TSI comfort retails at R297 000 and, while some might say it’s pretty expensive, you need to consider the whole package. With the roof up, it’s as quiet as any coupe and looks darn good, too. Drop the roof for those sunny days and really enjoy what this car is all about. Either way, it’s a brilliant car that compliments the Golf range beautifully. Test drive one and see for yourself.



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