Volvo V60 T4 Powershift

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Volvo has always been known as a safe family car and, thus, has also been labeled as a ‘not so cool car’ for the up and coming family guy. Recently Volvo has gone back to the drawing board and come back with this beautiful vehicle. With angular and smooth curves from the front to back, everything just flows into each other gorgeously.

The V60 T4 came with a 6 speed automatic powershift transmission.  It’s a smooth transmission and, while some reviews had claimed it to be slow and horrible, I found that in its application, it worked pretty well. The thing that you need to realise is that even though this T4 produces 132kw and 240nm, it’s still only a 1.6l engine and not really intended to be a rocket ship. It accelerates and overtakes pretty well at highway speeds and as a package, is very comfortable and relatively quick.

Performance figures are pretty adequate for a vehicle in the class and even at its size the V60 accelerates to 100kph in 9.2seconds. That does not tell all the figures though as most turbo charged vehicles only really start showing their colours when they get up and going and the V60 is no different.

Our V60 was fitted with lovely 18inch wheels and what feels like a little bit of a sportier suspension.  The wheels fit the arches just great and really complement it. No longer does Volvo have to be bland and boring. Those days are long gone.

The leather interior is stunning and the front seats are also electric, but only on the driver side. The multi-function steering wheel controls the cruise control and audio settings, while the on-board computer is controlled from the indicator stalk.  The V60 also has dual zone climate control so both the driver and passenger can set their desired temperatures.

In the cabin you have USB, Bluetooth and IPod connections for your music, as well as an on-board CD changer which plays mp3’s and wmas. This is played through a Hi performance audio system with 8 speakers and a colour LCD screen. Sound is pretty impressive and it will go pretty loud with minimal distortion.

From a safety point of view, the Volvo brand has always prided itself on being one of the safest cars on the road. This new model is no different and even by having an Ncap 5 safety rating, it does not just stop there.  The V60 has 6 airbags, 2 in the front, 2 side airbags and 2 curtain airbags. The vehicle also comes standard with feature called City Safety which makes use of certain technologies to help avoid certain collisions. ABS and Electronic brake force distribution is obviously also standard.

The Volvo V60 T4 is a great package. It ticks off all of the boxes that a young family man could ever need and want in a car. You’ve got plenty of space and a car that does not look dull and boring. Buying a Volvo sport wagon will definitely set you apart from a German crowd follower.

I say, go for it!

The Volvo T4 Powershift is available in 2 models; the Excel and the Elite. The Excel retails for R375 200 and the Elite retails at R390 800. For more info, check out


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