Volvo V40 D4 Cross Country

by Stephen de Vries 1,485 views0

Volvo has upped its game over the last couple of years and it’s not because a younger, more lifestyle orientated demographic is taking note of the brands newest and latest offerings – the v40 is no longer a new car and neither is the raised cross country platform, but because this has happened to the V40, it surely the reason why is sets it apart from the rest.


Our base model V40CC, fitted with the optional sports pack (one of the cheaper spec packs), proved to work very well for the average Joe who just wants a car with good accessories.  18 inch alloys, clever Bi-Xenon headlights and a few sporty trims are all included, but the optional navigation and the brilliant high performance audio system is still one of our top picks to add to your car. We’re not saying that the stock multimedia system is lacking in any department, but the high performance version is just a real nice-to-have and is really recommended if you like your music loud and crystal clear. Good to see that Volvo has made their features and options affordable compared to the other brands where similar options will cost you a bucketful of your hard earned cash.


The 2.0 D4 is a real gem of an engine and makes great power; 140KW and 400nM to be exact and with peak power being available at a low 1750RPM you can be sure to always have power available. Our car was fitted with a 6 speed gearbox and, honestly, I prefer the new 8 speed as offered in the S60. The fuel economy is a tad better too, with the gearbox featuring more cogs. Overall, our fuel consumption was just over seven liters a hundred, crossing a mixed terrain from urban to highway and even some dirt road in the Karoo and southern cape. Probably the best thing about the D4 is the willingness to just go go go. No fuss, no fight, just take me where you want to go.


While interior space is pretty good, the boot, which has a split compartment, can get a little tight if you are a family of four. Rear space is ample, even with the front seats moved all the way as far back as they go. On one of our longer trips our rear occupant never complained that he did not have enough space. He was actually pretty chilled and stretched out.


I really like how the V40CC feels on the road. The ride is sporty, but not as harsh as some of its other competitors. You can also venture off the black stuff and hit some gravel should you wish to. I would, however, just order the car with 17″ alloys and have a slightly larger sidewall tire.


The v40cc is exceptional value for money and starts at a very affordable R351, 800 for the base model and, as with most manufacturers, can be specced up to the max. I went and played with their “build me my V40CC” app and came out with a very cool car and a price tag around the R420 000 mark; very well priced if you consider the likes of the GLA, Q3 and even the X1 – all which it competes with.


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