Toyota Corolla Quest Exclusive CVT

by Stephen de Vries 18,735 views0

The Toyota Corolla has to be the staple food of family transport for South Africans. The Corolla has always done exactly what it says on the box and this is what makes it a great car. With the new Corolla just released, its time that Toyota updated its Quest range.

I’m going, to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of the Quest. To me its an econobox that been recycled a few too many times and let’s be real, who would want to buy a car that’s old, but new. If that even makes sense. But here is the thing, most people in this segment want a vehicle that relatively affordable, has great reliability (HELLO TOYOTA), and awesome resale.

Enter the Corolla quest exclusive, yesterday’s news, making headlines again, today. The Quest can be a little long in the tooth for some, but after spending a decent time with this 1.8l CVT, I’ve come away very impressed.

The 1,8l makes a good 103kw and the CVT gearbox is much like any other CVT. It whines when you get on it, but overall its actually perfect doing diligent duty as family transport. It also does wonders for fuel economy and 7/100km is easily attained overall.

The interior now has a soft-touch dashboard, full leather seats, and electric windows all round. The multifunction steering wheel controls the audio and Bluetooth telephone and also as per Toyota in the past, houses the little cruise control chalk on the right side. 

The ride is typically soft, with enough body lean to let you know that this has no place on a race track, but who cares. It has ample space in the rear and the boot is enormous. On the safety front, VSC is now also standard across the range as well as driver, passenger, and knee airbags. ABS and EBD with hill-start assist also make a prominent feature. The headlights are now LED and offer very good visibility at night, I was really impressed especially considering its place in the segment.

Overall the Quest is easy to drive and has acceptable road manners and a relatively good economy. The exclusive is specced very well and offers a lot of value at its current price of R317 700. This also includes a 3 year 45 000km service plan and a 3 year 100 000km warranty.