The Renault Kadjar range gets extended with a dual-clutch option and a new engine.

by Stephen de Vries 1,326 views0

After our last review, we found the Kadjar not only a game changer for the brand but also a premium option in its segment. While there was a lack of transmission options, it has now been taken care of by the likes of a dual-clutch variant. A 7 speed for the turbocharged petrol and a 6 speed for the 1.5 diesel.

The original Kadjar line up remains, with a new 1.5 diesel joining the lineup. This engine has already done its duty in the Duster and has proven itself in the automotive industry, being used by the likes of Nissan, Mercedes-Benz etc.

We got to drive the dual-clutch which is only available in the 1.2 petrol and the new 1.5 diesel and came away impressed with its effortless use. While this is no performance SUV, there is no need for super fast shifts and the emphasis is put on cruising and economy rather than performance. This is also where the 1.2 and the 1.5 diesel shines with our figures hovering around the 5.5l/100km mark and our overall range sitting on 1000km.

The latest two variants are also only available just in front wheel drive, while the all-wheel-drive version, which is a 1.6 diesel, remains manual only.

The range pricing is also looking really attractive see below.

1.5 (81kW) Turbo dCi 6-speed Manual R 394,900

1.2 (96kW) Turbo petrol EDC 7-speed Auto R 399,900

1.5 (81kW) Turbo dCi EDC 6-speed Auto R 414,900

For more info, head over to the Renault website.