The New Volvo S90

by Stephen de Vries 2,764 views0

Volvo has been at it again and this time they have brought out the big guns. The all-new S90 model which will slot into the luxury sedan segment, has just been released to the South African public in the majestic Cape Town.

The S90 which will have 12 models with 3 different spec levels, Momentum, Inscription and R-Design is guaranteed to have every die-hard Volvo fan frothing at the mouth.  We will initially only see the D5 AWD and the T6 AWD, while the D4 and T5, both offered in front wheel drive will follow suit a little later.

The S90 took the reigns where the XC90 left off. It’s full of tech with a big tablet like screen and Sensus infotainment; being the control panel for mostly everything in the car. I’m actually quite surprised you don’t steer with it either, but it’s there and once figured out, very simple to use.  The optional Bowers and Wilkens Audio system, which is an R39k extra option on our test cars is a must order Item. You have absolutely no idea how incredible the audio was that came out of those 19 speakers.

The interior is open plan and lots of space with nooks and crannies for small things. There is plenty of space in the rear, with ample leg and headroom for the bigger-than-your-average South Africans.  It’s not quite on the size of the 7 or S-Class, but it’s bigger than your 5-Series or GS Lexus.

Out of the two engines we had, the 180kw D5 was my favorite, as it suited the role of the car better. While the T6 Drive-E is a phenomenal engine, it lacked the downright torque that the oil burner possessed. Fuel economy on the D5 is obviously also a benefit, with figures around the 8l/100km after a few Journo’s made their way through them.

The new S90 will definitely be a bespoke option for the individual who wants to be different. There is no denying that the S90 is in fact, a beautiful car.


Current pricing.

D4 Geartronic Momentum R698 500
D4 Geartronic Inscription R742 000
D4 Geartronic R-Design R727 500
D5 Geartronic AWD Momentum R777 700
D5 Geartronic AWD Inscription R821 200
D5 Geartronic AWD R-Design R806 700
T5 Geartronic Momentum R675 200
T5 Geartronic Inscription R718 700
T5 Geartronic R-Design R704 200
T6 Geartronic AWD Momentum R828 400
T6 Geartronic AWD Inscription R871 900
T6 Geartronic AWD R-Design R857 400