The All New Renault Triber 7-seater crossover SUV has arrived on South African soil!

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The Triber is sitting ready completely on its own platform. It is a hybrid between an Urban SUV and passenger vehicle, falling into the CMF-A category, luckily in South Africa this will be covering quite a broad target market.

The façade of the All new Renault Triber has bold headlamps and chrome inserts in the grill as the main focus. Just below, in sporty housing DRL’s are placed. Looking at the rear, the Triber is definitely claiming the SUV influence, and it is quite appealing.

With a length of 3990m and a width of 1739mm, the Triber is perfect for passengers or hauling some extra luggage or gear. If you happen to be a surfer or someone that normally loads up the boot with your equipment, there will be ample space. Worried about the odd dirt road or potholes to pass through? Luckily the 165/80 R14 or alternatively 185/65 R15 wheels and 182mm ground clearance will free up some space. The suspension is a lot smoother than expected, allowing for a fairly comfortable ride on our South African Roads.

2019 – Nouveau Renault TRIBER

The Triber is powered 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder Energy engine which bids a ratio of 52 kW and 96 Nm and has a claimed output 5,5l fuel efficiency paired with a 5-gear manual. Looking at the power to body relationship the Triber will not be your racing car of choice but will definitely be able to help you out on the extra space and traveling with family and friends department.

Although this is quite an interesting design. Renault has definitely taken the time to look at finer ergonomics and details making life easier and more comfortable for their clients. The 7seater can be modified into a 5-seater hatchback giving 625l of ample boot space, and the two back seats are completely removable with no fuss. Further, the roof rails can take an extra 50kg, and there is 31l of compartment storage with two compartments air-cooled.

The interior definitely is beautifully refined and definitely not ‘just the basics’. The upholstery allows ventilation with modern 3D Spacer fabric. Keyless entry with push-button start/stop, makes the driver’s job effortless. However, when thinking of safety, the Triber has that covered too with front side airbags and reverse parking camera with guidelines.

In conclusion, the Triber is a very well spec’d and very competitively priced vehicle and I am quite excited to see how the SA market takes to it.

When purchasing the Renault Triber on offer you will receive a 2-year/ 30 000km Service Plan, plus a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty.

The Triber is available in three derivatives:

– All-NEW Renault TRIBER Expression 1.0-litre ENERGY R 164 900.

– All-NEW Renault TRIBER Dynamique 1.0-litre ENERGY R 174 900.

– All-NEW Renault TRIBER Prestige 1.0-litre ENERGY R 189 900.

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