Suzuki Swift Sport AT

by Stephen de Vries 3,437 views0

The mini hot hatch segment is on fire with the latest offerings from Hyundai, Honda, Opel, and VW. To add fuel to the fire, Suzuki has given us their Swift Sport and we think it’s ready to put the hammer down on its competitors.

From the outside, the Swift Sport looks nothing but funky. The front carbon-look splitter gives the bumper a much more aggressive finish and this theme flows around the car with a big fat rear diffuser with twin exhaust exits.  The 16inch alloy wheels suit the car, but personally I would have preferred them a little bigger.

The engine is all-new from the previous naturally aspirated 1600 and Is now 1400 turbocharged unit, making slightly more power, 103kw vs 100kw, and gobs more torque (230nm vs 160nm). This makes the in-gear acceleration feel a lot quicker than it is, adding to the fun factor. The 6-speed automatic gives smooth shifts and I personally enjoy the overall feel. The manual will provide a more engaging drive. While the economy at about 7l 100km is average, the 37l tank will see you entering the pumps every 400km or so.

The interior has been massively upgraded, with a touch screen infotainment system that is linkable to all cell phones with Bluetooth connectivity. The overall audio quality and volume could have been a little more punchy but will be adequate for most.  The steering wheel controls the audio, center console, and cruise control.  There is plenty of piano black trim in the cabin, which most manufacturers are doing to create a more premium-feeling cabin and given the price, I think it looks sporty. The bucket looking cloth seats feature a big sport emblem, just to remind you that it does not really get much better than this. They are comfortable, even on longer drivers.

Rear cabin space as expected is not a lot, but it’s certainly not lacking and a medium adult should easily fit with enough room in front for taller front occupants. The boot space is a fairly small size at only 242l but expands to 918l with the seats folded down.

On the safety front, there are no shortcomings, with 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, and ESC as standard.

The new car has a performance advantage over the outgoing model. Not only does it have more power, its lighter too and marginally quicker to 100kph. The outgoing model did feel more fun to drive as you had to rev the nuts off it to feel like you were going anywhere. It was pure natural aspiration bliss, with a lovely engine note howling off the mountain passes.

At this price point, there is not much that can touch it in terms of bang for buck. The Jazz is slower and not as fun, and polo is too expensive. The Corsa GSI comes close , but still around R40 000 more expensive.

The Swift Sport incudes a 2 year 30 000km service plan and a promotional 5 year 200 000km warranty. More details here  —-