Suzuki Swift Sport

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There is no denying that little cars are fun. Little cars with a bit of power are even more fun. However, they have become rather expensive in terms of money for your fun factor.

Say hello to the Suzuki Swift Sport. Now the Swift has been with us for a while and it’s always been a firm little favorite when it comes to a very nippy little city run-about.  It’s quick, it’s fuel efficient (when driven like a normal driver) and it looks pretty bonkers, no matter which angle you look at it.


Sure, the 100kw engine is down on power compared to the likes of VW’s Polo GTI and the Renault Clio Rs, but honestly who cares? I certainly don’t.
It’s the value for money that the little Suzuki gives you. Take the Bi-Xenon headlamps for instance, something I take pretty seriously on any performance-orientated vehicle. They are mostly options on the more expensive models, or aren’t even offered at all, so when I’m driving a little bit faster than I should at night, I want to see where I’m going.  And I want to see well.


On the more docile day to day cycle, the Swift Sport is very easy to creep into the high 5l/100km or the low sixes, something that usually takes a fair bit of work with a turbo charged vehicle, like the Clio for example. Keep the Rpms low and just drive normally and you will be rewarded with a very acceptable and nearly diesel-like consumption. The 42l fuel tank should easily see well over 500km to a tankful, even with a fair bit of enthusiastic driving.


While I could say that an extra 10 or 15kw would be nice, you have to realize that the recipe has worked for Suzuki for a long time and there is no need to change it anytime soon. Sure, the interior appears to be a little dated, but that’s the case with most niche Japanese brands. Look at Subaru; their interiors still look like it comes straight out of the 90’s in 2010…


While the driver, passenger and rear occupants have a decent amount of space, the boot on the other hand is hatchback-like at a meagre 210l with the seats up and 533l with the seats down. So if you are going to be buying a tumble-dryer any time soon, please flatten the rear seats.


The Suzuki Swift Sport is a dying breed. It’s unfortunate, because there are still a lot of people who love a raw, naturally aspirated engine and, with mostly all manufacturers reverting to low pressure Turbo for emissions sake, I hope Suzuki does not follow suit anytime soon.

The Swift Sport retails at R232 900 and comes with a 3 year / 60 000km service plan and a 36month warranty.

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