Suzuki Ertiga 1.4 GLX

by Stephen de Vries 1,732 views0

When we got the call informing us we had a Suzuki Ertiga ready and waiting for us to review, we did a quick scan over the spec section on and were both curious and apprehensive.
Now, as you will have come across through the collection of reviews we have up on our website, we have reviewed the likes of the Toyota Avanza; the Ertiga’s direct rival in this segment.
We appreciated it for its practicality, price tag and the convenience of space when it comes to carting friends and family around. What we found hard to swallow, however, was the unnecessary cool points we lost driving a mommy wagon around town for a week. But that’s really neither here, nor there.

In this case, the same goes for the Suzuki Ertiga, which actually comes right up behind the Toyota Avanza,prods it in the side, sticks its tongue out at it and brags that it is, in fact, a whole R4500 more affordable.

If we have to be super picky about things, the Ertiga is far from winning any beauty contests. But then again, comparing it to the competition, it doesn’t seem this segment offers much in the way of ambition for beauty to begin with.
This is something one can easily overlook, however, simply because all an individual will be purchasing this vehicle for is practicality, which it excels at.
We loved that when you take a look at the vehicle sitting amongst a play school parking lot, surrounded by its competition, it fits in. The minute you hop inside, whether into the drivers seat, or back passenger bay, you have a feeling of immense space throughout. Headroom is a breeze no matter how tall you are, luggage space at the back boasts a crazy 736l and it comfortably fits 7 adults including all their goodies.


Although we didn’t fill the vehicle with people on our test drives in and out of the city, the little 1.4GLX engine kicking out a good-enough 70kW and did well on both long, open roads as well as within the stop/start of city driving on its 45l capacity tank. Our best saw 5.8l/100km on average long trips, and around 6.6l/100km throughout the city.
To get those numbers up, you really have to drive the lights out of the Ertiga but, honestly, that would just draw unwarranted attention your way, you would look like a bit of a fool attempting to floor a mommy wagon everywhere. Wave goodbye to your cool points!
If that’s really what you want to do, though, by all means go for it. The vehicle is fitted with ABS, EBD and dual airbags, keeping everyone comfy and safe and in terms of entertainment; the Ertiga does well in keeping passengers enjoying their ride with music playing via the radio, CD, MP3’s or USB.
Other features which come standard, are fog lamps, power steering, electric windows, air-conditioning, central locking and cool little 15” alloy wheels.
So, if you’re someone with a large family, and you are currently shopping around for something that is incredibly spacious, practically sniffs fuel and will get you from A to B with ease and comfort, we highly recommend having a look at the Suzuki Ertiga models over at
For the price of R 192 900 for this model, and in this segment, you honestly can’t go wrong.

The Suzuki Ertiga has a 4year/60 000km service plan, and a healthy 3year/100 000km warranty.