RGMotorsport Whipples The Mustang Into Shape

by Stephen de Vries 1,317 views0

The latest Ford Mustang has cemented its reputation as an iconic performer since its local introduction a year ago, and in that time, has also become a firm favourite for go-faster upgrades.

While they haven’t been around as long as the Mustang nameplate, RGMotorsport has been making quick cars quicker for a quarter-century – and has an impressive list of successful conversions to their name. This includes an expertly-installed and locally-optimised Supercharged upgrade for owners of the V8-engined Mustang GT. This is what that process looks and sounds like: https://vimeo.com/199131949

While phrases like ‘expertly-installed’ and ‘locally-optimised’ are glib claims, RGM has a reputation for taking a holistic approach – witness their Toyota 86, Jeep SRT8, M-B C63, BMW e92 M3, Nissan 370Z, Chevrolet Luminas and others. In total, RGM has supercharged over 600 vehicles in the last decade, making them SA’s foremost exponent of this form of forced induction.

Long-term success comes from starting with the best components and then fine-tuning them for South Africa’s unique motoring environment. Altitude, ambient temperatures and fuel quality are just some aspects that need to be considered, and the blown ‘Stang is no exception to this philosophy.

At 306kW off the showroom floor Ford’s bent eight is in a pretty mild state of tune in with a mere 61 kW per litre but post-supercharging that number leaps to 110 kW a litre!

There’s now over 750 horsepower (about 550kW) and 895Nm of tarmac-shredding ability under the driver’s right foot thanks to a Whipple supercharger, which is imported from the USA and configured specifically for this engine. Its twin-screw design makes for instant response and mountains of low-end torque and it is also ideal for V-type engines: it nestles in the valley between the two cylinder banks (therefore no modification to the bonnet is necessary), with the compressor mere centimetres from the intake valves.

The RGMotorsport team also fits a front-to-back 76mm Techniflow performance exhaust. The system includes a dual sound level function as well as the “branches” – or exhaust manifolds. Not only does the design make for maximum power, but also gives the eight an even more scintillating soundtrack.

The W175ax 2.9L supercharger is driven by a durable 6-rib belt system with adjustable idler system. It also boasts self-contained air-to-water intercooler and lubrication systems. It comes with a 132mm billet throttle body and a serviceable, low-restriction air filter element. Finally, the output of each conversion is verified on the RGMotorsport dynamometer before leaving the Randburg HQ. 

The full price of RGM’s Mustang GT Supercharged is R199 900, with additional upgrades (including a 2-year/ 75 000 kilometre warranty on everything associated with the conversion) also on offer.