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Sporty and seductive by design, Clio GT-Line boosts its way into SA!

  • Sporty Clio GT-Line design mirror Renault Mégane GT-Line look
  • Overboost function improves performance of impressive F1-inspired Energy Turbo engine yet fuel consumption stays reduced
  • New Clio GT-Line: on Renault dealer showroom floors during last week of January!

Designed in the same spirit which continues to prove so popular with Renault Mégane buyers, the New Clio GT-Line is powered up and ready to boost Clio’s already extensive South African fan base.

Developed using the same build platform as that of the much-loved and highly acclaimed Clio and launched in response to demand by Clio customers looking for a distinctive look and feel, the inclusion of a number of bold features and fitments have successfully given the GT-Line a sporty stance setting it apart from its Clio peers.

The addition of the Overboost function nestling under the bonnet serves to power up the performance of Clio’s already impressive F1-inspired Energy 66kW Turbo engine giving the GT-Line a proven and powerful edge.

Mirroring several of the proven and popular design elements débuted at the Renault Mégane GT-Line launch, these have been adapted for and carried over to its Clio sibling, further enhancing its status as a pillar model of the Renault range worldwide.

In short, the introduction of the New Renault Clio GT-Line to South Africa – an absolute no brainer!

UPGRADED ENGINE: now with Overboost function

With the increasing market shift towards engine downsizing for economy and ecological reasons alike, with the launch of Clio, Renault broke ground with the introduction of its 66kW Turbo engine and Stop/Start technology (zero emission, zero consumption when stationary plus fast restart).

While the Clio GT-Line is equipped with the F1-inspired 900cc 66kW Turbo engine found in the Clio Expression and Dynamique variants, thanks to the inclusion of the overboost function, it packs added punch squeezing out an additional 4kW and 15Nm in 2nd and 3rd gears for up to 20 seconds respectively and pushing peak power output to 70kW @ 5 250 rpm and 150Nm torque @ 2 500 rpm.

Renault’s focus on the advancement of engine technology is keen and its Turbo Control Efficiency engine line-up is a direct result of Renault’s F1 technology transfer prowess and capabilities. The company is, however, committed to making strategic and commercial choices that favour ecological balance.

While the performance and practicality of its 66kW Turbo engine with overboost is powerful, the reduction in fuel consumption (4.5 litres/100km in NEDC Combined Cycle) and CO² emissions (105g/km) is significant.


That engine downsizing is the way forward is undisputed . and this has been demonstrated on the F1 stage where performance, fuel efficiency, quality and reliability are tested to their limits.

Renault is a pioneering force in this field and the tools and talents used by its skilled engineers to develop smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient engines for F1 are exactly the same as those used to develop new technology power plants for production car engines.

Key F1 engine features that have been successfully transferred to Renault’s road cars include:

  • Turbo technology: Renault was the first manufacturer to introduce Turbo to F1 in 1977. Reduction in size does not mean reduction in power and results in smaller engines that weigh less.
  • High tumble strategy: Better combustion efficiency which delivers more power per drop of fuel.
  • Low inertia turbo: Provides quick response at low engine revs affordingbetter reactivity, acceleration and responsiveness resulting in enhanced driving pleasure.
  • Diamond-like carbon coatings and graphite-coated piston skirts: These are high-tech surface treatments with low friction coefficients that increase resistance and decrease energy wastage by 20%.



“So gorgeous, it makes you want to eat it,” . Laurens van der Acker, head designer at Renault.

Style by design, Clio GT-Line is the embodiment of Renault’s new design rebirth which is distinctive, sensuous and seductive. Three words which, thanks to the Renault engineering team’s skill in matching the vehicle to the design team’s original vision, make it a car high on emotion inside and out. Plus, there’s a selection of hot body colours to choose from including the exclusive Malta Blue body colour for the GT-Line.

Front-end styling features the Renault’s bold diamond-shaped logo upright on the radiator grille and set against a gloss black background.  Thanks to styling made more distinctive still by headlight units that boast chrome detail and LED daytime running lights incorporated into the specifically sporty-styled GT front bumper, Clio GT-Line’s sleek, sporty silhouette is instantly recognisable.

While the exterior styling suggests three-door coupé, Clio GT-Line has five doors with the rear door handles concealed close to the rear quarter lights.

Modern, welcoming and ergonomic on the inside, the on-board look, feel and experience is as important as GT-Line’s exterior good looks.

With a dashboard sculpted to resemble an aircraft wing, once seated and with the controls at hand, one has the sensation of being in an aeroplane cockpit. Designed to complement the exterior styling and with finely appointed details throughout the cabin, Clio GT-Line’s stylish yet sporty interior inspires strength and confidence while combining beauty with functionality.

The Clio GT-Line comes kitted out with plush, high-tech materials and the combination of the glossy black and chrome detail serves to underpin the interior’s impressive good looks.

Well-proportioned and warmly styled, inside and out, makes Clio GT-Line the kind of car that one wants to get up close and personal with.

SMART TECHNOLOGIES: current and easy-to-use

An integrated and intuitive multimedia system inclusive of navigation, MediaNav®is practical, simple and super smart. With its high-end entertainment and communications console and a host of value-add features including radio, media (connections for portable music devices), hands-free telephony (thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity) plus navigation, quick access to all the settings via the 18cm touch screen is just a fingertip away.

The Clio GT-Line is also equipped with a new smart sound system integrated into the front doors’ loudspeakers. Known as Renault Bass Reflex, this system delivers the volume and listening enjoyment of a 30-litre home speaker enclosure. Occupants are sure to appreciate this technology which delivers more powerful bass frequencies, while at the same time pushing back saturation and distortion thresholds. The system is based on the use of vents or ports in the enclosure and its application is a world first for the automotive industry.

MediaNav® israted as the most attractive on-board touchscreen navigation system on the market. With just one touch, one is able to customize the 2D or 3D Birdview map display and activate voice guidance. Whether entering an address or updating maps, the system is simple and intuitive.

Thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity, enjoy music on the move by connecting to the dash-mounted USB or jack sockets, make and receive calls hands-free, consult your phone book or look up your call history.

Combining simplicity with a host of value-add features, MediaNav® has proven itself to be comprehensive, smart, straight-forward and reliable. It’s a 21st century product designed in keeping with the spirit of providing customers with ‘equipment they really need’ and the menu page provides easy access to six essential functions: radio, media, telephony, map, navigation and settings.

Take the equipment level in the Clio Dynamique and just keep on adding .

Value-add fitments to the new Clio GT-Line include:

  • GT design front bumpers incorporating daytime running LED lights
  • GT design rear bumper with F1 inspired rear diffuser in dark metal
  • GT-Line badging on the tailgate
  • GT design 17-inch alloys
  • Chrome finish exhaust tailpiece
  • Dark metal details (daytime running light trim, door beading insert, door mirror housings)
  • Body-coloured lower door protective strips with dark metal insert
  • Renault Sport door sill guard

Also standard across the Clio GT-Line newcomers is a comprehensive line-up of active and passive safety features that include ASR traction control, ABS, EBD and EBA as well as driver, passenger and side airbags.

Electric variable-rate power steering, cruise control/speed limiter, card key and electric windows make additional safety and convenience features.


As is the case across Renault’s entire product range, the New Clio GT-Line models come standard with a 5-year/150 000km mechanical warranty, in addition a 3-year/45 000km service plan and a 6-year anti-corrosion warranty.


New Clio GT-Line:       Recommended Retail Price    R224 900