Renault Clio 1.2 EDC

by Stephen de Vries 2,049 views0

So this 1.2l 4cylinder is the cream of the crop in the Clio range and offers a decent package when compared to rivals, such as the 208, Corsa, Fiesta, Polo and Jazz.


The 88kw engine is mated to 6-speed dual clutch transmission gearbox, which is incidentally shared with another model, the Captur. This engine also runs in a few other cars, including the Nissan Qashqai. Although being a dual clutch transmission, it’s shifting is not nearly as aggressive as the Polo DSG, for instance.  The emphasis on this little car is clearly not performance, but value for money, which the Clio oozes, actually.


The interior is distinctively French, or Renault and offers generous space, especially for the driver, passenger and the rather large and segment leading boot size, which is a generous 300l, mind you. Most of the interior are covered in piano black plastic, a common trend lately and I think this is to give the end user a bit more of an upmarket feel. Some people like it and obviously, some don’t. I’ve just noted it and it is becoming a bit long in the tooth really.
The multimedia system features navigation, USB with Bluetooth telephony. There is no cd player, not that should deter you from switching to the 21st century and loading your media to either your phone or a storage device. But, I can appreciate the fact that some people still prefer to listen to Cd’s and unfortunately, you won’t be able to. The Clio also comes standard with cruise control with a speed limiter, a stop/start system and eco drive.


The overall performance figures are actually impressive, considering that this is only a 1.2l which is mated to an automatic gearbox. My timed 0-100kph sprint was clocked in at just over 9 seconds, meaning that this little Clio will get up and go. Top speed is around the 190kph mark, which is more or less the same as the 3 cylinder variant.  Our overall consumption figures were just over 6l/100km, but If you try really hard, you can get it a little lower.


The most striking thing for me was the lack of the beautiful alloys from their 3 cylinder model, the Dynamique. This uses 16” alloys, which still look great, but lacks that sporty feel. The result is better on road comfort and less road noise due to the ever so slightly higher 55 profile tire. This only means one thing to me and that this Clio is aimed at a more mature market and that’s not a bad thing.

Now for R249 000 you get a decently specced hatch, which will handle whatever your daily life can throw it. It’s also nice to know that Renault upped their service quality and with the result this Clio is now standard with a 150 000km 5-year warranty.