Peugeot 208 GT Line

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When you have a fascination with French cars, you usually get excited when one lands on your driveway. Now, I’ve always liked the Peugeot brand, they offer good value and they are usually a little unconventional to your mainstream brands, especially on the interior. The build quality is just light years ahead than what they were 10 years ago.


Now this car has a fair amount of competition, especially from the Corsa, Fiesta, Clio, and Jazz, but it does very well in the interior department due to its spacious cabin. Both driver and passenger leg room is ample and I have no trouble fitting my near 2m frame behind the wheel or in the passenger seats. Usually, space in this segment is on the tight side, especially for the passenger. What really surprised me was the rear seat space. It’s not often I can fit behind my driver seat when it’s adjusted for my height. It does come with a small sacrifice though and that it that the boot is about 25l off the average 300l, coming in at 275l. I would as a buyer, however, sacrifice that little bit as it’s hardly noticeable in the back anyways.


The interior has a slight red stitch theme flowing through the cabin and this gives the car a sporty feel. The small steering, which is a common feature in all Peugeots is also present and contributes to this. The multimedia system is LCD based and controls mostly all of the settings of the car. You have a downloadable app section where you can load extra application like navigation, directly from the dealer. There is also an internet browser present as well as the ability to turn the car into a mobile hotspot. It’s fairly simple to use, although it’s not a feature that will sell me the car. The Multimedia sound quality is average and you can do worse in the segment, it’s not the best, but definitely not the worst. Bluetooth telephony is standard and features two microphones on the left and right A-pillar.

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The heart of the car is a 1.2l Puretech 3 cylinder making 81kw and 205 nm. It is turbocharged and while mated to a 6-speed dual clutch transmission, makes it nice and responsive. Fuel consumption is around the 6.7l/100km average for the segment and the car makes a competent open road cruiser with enough grunt from the 3 cylinders to overtake.

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Peugeot has made a real effort with this 208, especially on the interior. The interior is on par with the Polo in terms of quality and that’s coming from a french brand. I like the overall sporty styling, with the aggressive looking 17” high polished alloy wheels. It just emphasizes the sporty stance.

Now, while this is no 208 GTI, it does a very good job in offering you a similar look with a similar cabin interior, so if you like the look and prefer to save a bit on the fuel side. The 1.2 will surely not disappoint.

The GT-line range starts off at R284 900

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