Opel Mokka X Enjoy

by Stephen de Vries 3,725 views0

The facelifted Mokka X  was introduced late last year and is indeed the replacement for the previous Mokka.  Not too much has changed, but surprisingly it just looks better.  The X designation, now means only one thing,  Crossover and from here on forward, any Opel product with an X on the boot, means it should be a little bit more capable when the tar road ends.

From the outside

They have changed the grill, which now looks like it has wings and this goes on to the blade like LED daylight running lamps. It does make the Mokka X look sharp and I really like the styling.  The  Enjoy model is the cheapest model in the Mokka X range and in my opinion the one to go for if you are interested in exploring the back dirt roads. It has a slightly smaller alloy wheel, with a larger profile tire. This means road comfort is increased as well as a softer ride on gravel.


On the inside

The biggest change to the interior is the infotainment system. Opel has brought over the Intelli-Link system and though it’s an optional extra, it’s worth it spending the extra couple of Rands. The overall unit navigation is simple and easy to use and it’s supposed to integrate really nicely with your smartphone. Though  Android Auto’s version of the software is yet to be released, Apple Car Play is available although we’ve not tested it.

While this is the cheapest model available, it makes the most amount of sense as it has all of the features of the Cosmo, except things like heated leather seats and LED headlights.  The interior features, dual zone climate control, cruise control with limiter, a nice multifunction steering and also one touch windows.

Space is pretty generous, with the rear seats featuring a flat bench foldable configuration, making the rear load space ample for things life can throw at you.


How does it drive

The Mokka X is only available with one engine option, the 1.4Turbo petrol, which is also shared amongst other models in the brand. It’s a very smooth engine, but I would have liked a little bit more oomph in the power department. The overall fuel consumption is around the 8l/100km combined,  though Opel claims a very optimistic mid 5’s per 100km.  The Enjoy is mated to a 6-speed manual, but other options are available when you go a little dearer in the range. I would personally prefer the 6 speed Auto, especially if you live in the city.

On the tar, the ride is composed with an expected body roll in the corners. It’s not the most dynamic in the segment but does make up for it with its gravel road manners, something that’s usually not very good in a front-wheel drive crossover.  The MokkaX won’t stand back for any gravel and when things get too rough, the traction and stability control will keep things in check.

The Opel Mokka X Enjoy offers great value at its low to mid 300k price point and offers yet another alternative to the world of crossovers.


For more info check out Opel.co.za