Opel Mokka AT

by Stephen de Vries 1,692 views0

Opel has just recently entered the CUV market here in South Africa with their funky looking Mokka. The Mokka has been available in Europe for some time now and it just made sense to port it over to our thriving market.


From the outside, the Mokka has a fresh face and sort of looks like a Meriva and Corsa could be its parents.  The bonnet is low and does not visually obstruct your view of the road. The rear end is also very short and ends just a little bit after the wheels, which makes parking a breeze, even if you are a newbie.


One would think that with all these soft roaders hitting our market, it would be over saturated but in fact there is always room for a good looker, that’s practical and best of all affordable.

The Mokka uses the 1.4 Turbo engine, which is also commonly found in the previous generation Corsa and Meriva. It’s adapted to a close ratio 6 speed automatic transmission with manual shifting capabilities.  I had my doubts regarding performance and didn’t think that the 1.4 could haul something of this size around without any huffing or puffing. It seems that the gear ratios are spot on and the 103kw has more than enough oomph to make it pretty nippy under 100kph.  Upon hard acceleration it gets a little buzzy around the 6000rpm mark though. Fuel economy is in the 8l/100km region with room for improvement on the open road. There is really little not to like about the engine and gearbox combo; it just works well.


Our base model, the Enjoy, actually came specced pretty well, all things considered. One touch windows in the front,  dual zone climate control, hands-free calling and cruise control all may be little things, but I guarantee you that it will make your drive a pleasurable one. The I-link entertainment system is easy to navigate and has an array of customization features that even has an algorithm that scans your music and selects audio that is similar. Whether it does it by random or by luck, it’s a pretty cool feature.


The interior is very utilitarian and is aimed at practicality as opposed to luxury. There are a few useful storage compartments and plenty of cup holders throughout. The last thing you want is a lack of cup holders, which the Mokka clearly has enough of.


The rear seats flip flat to enlarge the already decently sized boot (356l). There is also another storage compartment underneath the boot tray, which makes storing little things a breeze. The Mokka also features a steel spare wheel.


Opel did not seem to hold back on the safety features with 6 airbags, a tyre deflation detection system, daylight running lamps, stability control and ISOFIX anchor points, to name a few.

The die-hard OPEL fans had to wait a while to get something as good as this. The Mokka is a fresh CUV that’s definitely worth a look if you are looking to spend around the R300 000mark. It’s well specced, drives smoothly and has a little off-the-tar capability; perfect for those weekend adrenalin junkies.


Our model as tested: R298 500 and includes a 5 year / 120 000km warranty with roadside assist and a 5 year / 90 000km service plan. Service intervals are every 15 000km




A couple of weeks after we sampled this mid-spec Mokka, we were handed the keys to their top of the range, Enjoy Automatic model. This model is obviously a little more pricey, but does come with a whole bunch of new gadgets and gizmos.  The Cosmo is obviously all about comfort and having the driver feel as if they are in a much more premium segment vehicle. I must admit though. Its the 1st time I’ve come across a built in 230v inverter in the back of car.

The Cosmo also features rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear mirror, front and back parking assist and power folding mirrors. Apart from that and the leather seats (the fronts are heated btw) the Cosmo also runs on tasteful 18″ alloys. Pretty to look at yes, but not the best solution when you get a little bit more adventurous and head down your rougher than average dirt road. For that, the Enjoy with its higher profile, smaller diameter rims are a little better.

The Cosmo Auto retails at R335 500 and also has the exact same warranty and service particulars as the Enjoy model