Opel Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition

by Stephen de Vries 2,064 views0

The Corsa OPC has been around for a couple of years now and when originally launched, brought a new fresh face to the hot hatch scene. Now, there are hatches, hot hatches and then something which you can’t really place on paper; maybe something you’d consider a hyper hot hatch a-la A45 AMG. The latter, with all its power and speed, sometimes just feels a little porky around the edges and they make you forget about how the hot hatch was supposed to be; Nimble, light and nippy.  All three those words summarize the OPC Corsa perfectly.


Opel went a step further. They brought out this little monster which makes more power than certain bigger hatches, for example the Civic Type R and even the older Golf 6 GTi.  They boosted the new OPC Nurburgring from 141kw to a lovely 154kw with over boost of up to 280nm. Match that with a perfect mechanical limited slip differential and you have one serious track toy. The triangular exhaust has been ditched for a twin pipe Remus setup, which complements the rear bumper.  Overall, the OPC Nurburgring is pretty much the same on the inside to the regular OPC, but it is fitted with climate control and heated seats which, to me, was shocking. The infotainment Centre also houses the onboard computer, trip meters and even a lap timing screen.


The suspension is pretty stiff and it’s no wonder as it has been swopped out for a set of inverted Bilsteins suspenders, which also lowers the car another 20mm. The result is perfect contact with the road and to be frank there are few hatches that can make you as excited for the next turn, as much as this can.  Pull away hard and you will feel some feedback as the front LSD grips for traction, throwing a little bit of torque steer your way. 0-100kph will come up in an impressive 6.8seconds and run on to  a flat out speed of 230kph. Fuel consumption is claimed at 7.6l per 100km and we saw 6.8l/100kph driving at 100kph. Drive it with no consumption in mind and it’s easy to push figures into the mid-teens. The day to day driving should give numbers around the 8l/100km.


The brakes have been swopped out for a pair of Brembo calipers in the front and they give an excellent feel with no street fade whatsoever. Braking performance is on par with much more expensive vehicles. The braking impressed me more than the actual vehicle performance.


While there are a few other models to choose from in this segment, the OPC Nurburgring is exclusive and scarce. With only 65 of them brought into the country, you won’t see one every day. The Corsa comes standard with a 120 000km 5 year warranty and a 3 year 60 000km maintenance plan.  The OPC Nurburgring retails for R343 200, a small price to pay for exclusivity.