Opel Adam S

by Stephen de Vries 2,751 views0

Crazy little cars don’t come around all that often and when they do I make a point to thoroughly enjoy them.

I’ve been a fanboy of the Adam since its launch and really liked the Adam Rox we tested a couple of months ago. So to be honest right from the start, the Adam S is already in a good starting position.


The heart of the Adam is the 1.4 Turbo Ecotec engine. It’s the exact engine found in the Corsa Sport and makes 110kw and 220nm. This in a body weighing around 1100kg, the power to weight seems very favorable, but rather mediocre a 8.5seconds to 100kph. While the power comes on nice and smooth and offers a lovely midrange, it’s clear that the car’s conservative tuning is aimed at an overall everyday drive, rather than a robot racer, which would end in a power band starting a little later, but having a bit more “up-top” but instead it drops off slightly above the 5000rpm mark. My eco drive resulted in a 7.6l/100km but expect around the 10s when you start to have fun. This little car loves to attack the bends, but the fuel tank is only rather small 35l, so don’t expect too much of a range if you have a heavy right foot.


On the exterior, the Adam is looking completely different to its siblings all thanks to a new body kit, with a lower front spoiler, side sills, and a rear diffuser. The rear wing is also new and completes the look of the car, giving it Adam S, more street cred.


The interior has been changed up too, the front seats have been swapped over for ultra-sporty Recaro bucket seats, which would be perfect for the track and all you need to complete that is a racing harness. There is some S insignia present on the dash, which personally I don’t like. The stereo is still the same unit carried over from and integrates easily with your Android and iPhone. Bluetooth, USB is still there. It also still parks itself.



The suspension has been completely reworked with stiffer springs and a stiffer rear sway bar to eliminate body roll. The rear suspension is a torsion beam axle. Overall comfort, all things considered, is pretty good, but I found it to become a little bouncy on country roads if you drive too slow. Thankfully, there is an easy remedy for that. The stoppers are from the previous generation Corsa OPC and they have no trouble stopping the Adam from any speed.


This segment is very niche and obviously, the R330 000 for the Adam S is no pocket change. You have some competition from the Fiat stable (595) but that will also cost a bit more. The Adam S not only looks good, it has decent power and handles amazingly well. I don’t know about you, but that ticks all the boxes for me.


Check out Opel.co.za for more info.