Nissan Sentra Acenta CVT

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Look, when you are shopping for a mid-size family sedan, there are so many manufacturers which make brilliant value-for-money cars, and it’s with this, that Nissan had to step up their game.
Sentra CVT

The Sentra is back and its better looking than ever. From certain angles it looks like it belongs in the Infinity stable, rather than Nissans, and that’s a good thing. The exterior, with its beautiful lines, look premium.
Sentra CVT

Things don’t stop there. The interior is very spacious with ample leg and head room. Even space in the rear is extremely good.  What I really liked about the Sentra are the seats. They are cloth seats with high density foam, which is hard and comfortable. It’s my kind of seat. The interior also has a bit of a chrome theme going for it.

The multi-function steering controls the Bluetooth enabled radio and USB player, while it also controls the onboard computer. With cars aiming to be a little bit greener, the instantaneous meter helps you attain brilliant fuel economy.
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The 1.6 engine is not particularly powerful with its 85kw, but it puts the power down pretty smoothly with the constant variable transmission. You can hardly feel the gear changes, it’s really so smooth and quiet. In-gear acceleration is mediocre. It’s not the fastest Sentra ever produced, but out and about to work and back, it’s really in its element; you point it, it goes.

The most impressive thing about the Sentra has been the fuel consumption. The highest reading we attained was 9.2l 100km and the lowest; driving more conservatively, saw 5.5l/100km. Everyday driving will see you around the 6.5l/100km mark, which very impressive for an automatic vehicle.

The boot is a rather healthy 520l, which means you will fit the whole family’s luggage in there and probably your neighbors’ lot, too. The key also feature a remote boot open switch, which pops it open for you should you find your hands full with groceries.

The Sentra features ABS with front disks and rear drums. Brake distribution is standard as well as brake assisted. There is no vehicle dynamics or stability featured on any of the Sentra’s, however you will find 6 airbags and an alarm with a key transponder.
The Sentra has grown up and it’s in fact a very spacious and comfortable car.  The list price is a rather healthy R253 600 and includes a 3 year 100 000km warranty and a 3 year 90 000km service plan. Services are every 15 000km.

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