Jeep Wrangler 3.6 Sahara AT

by Stephen de Vries 1,988 views0

The Wrangler has always been an icon. You can park it anywhere, beside any car and it would still be cool. It’s even cooler if it happens to be mustard yellow and sticks out like a sore thumb in a parking lot. You see, no matter what you do with the wrangler it will always be cool. Even a 10 year old wrangler is still very cool.

The Wrangler recently got a completely new engine and the new Pentastar 3.6l engine is not only more powerful, but the fuel consumption figures are actually really impressive. The 209kw v6 features variable valve timing, which makes it eager to rev and it’s apparent that it actually is pretty comfortable running high rpm for sustainable periods of time. Perfect for those sand duning days!

The new Wrangler looks very similar to the others before it, but it actually is a little more colour-some now with colour coded fenders and a colour coded roof. The roof is obviously removable, from the roof in the front to the rear. What you are left with is a padded roll bar; that signature Jeep look.

The interior is still very basic, but is a major improvement over models that came before it. For once we have a decent stereo. The My Gig setup offers you an internal hard drive with touch screen capabilities. Uconnect, which is Jeeps connectivity package, is an optional extra. I actually found the sound pretty impressive with a factory fitted seven speaker setup, including a rear subwoofer.

The interior space is good in the front but for obvious reasons the rear space can get a little cramped if you try and fit two abnormally large driver and passenger in the front. It would however comfortably seat 4 occupants with ease. Boot space is a rather tiny 142liters, but you are not buying it for its boot space, are you?

To be honest, this is not aimed as an overland vehicle. The Jeep really is a toy and is meant for the serious off roader who likes conquering the tallest dunes and the highest mountains. With an approach angle of 38.4 and a departure angle of 31.3, the Jeep will climb nearly everything you throw it at and the new engine really makes it completely effortless, too. Fuel consumption was pretty impressive at 10.5l/100km on our open road stint. In town, it crept up to 12.l/100km. Still majorly impressive for a 209kw vehicle! 0-100kph times is claimed at 8.6 seconds. Yes, that’s close on hot hatch territory, only this time, you are in a Wrangler!

The wheels are 245/75/17 all terrains with tire pressure monitors. The live axle front suspension, coupled with a rear live axle setup, can make things a little bouncy if you find yourself on a really bad road, but it’s to be expected due to the short wheel base nature of the Jeep. In actual fact, it’s pretty comfortable and you really can’t fault it otherwise. Gravel road driving is stable with no nasty surprises; this is due to the wide footprint keeping good track for the most part.

We really love everything about the wrangler. It’s not a vehicle you would buy if you just want to commute to and from work; it’s something far more special than that.
It gives you a great feeling just knowing that this is a Jeep and a go-nearly-anywhere kind of machine. I would buy one in a heartbeat. That sense of coolness behind the wheel. Go drive one and you will understand.

The Jeep Sahara 3.6 retails for R379 990 and has a 3 year 100 000km warranty and a 3 year 100 000km maintenance plan. For more info, check out