Isuzu KB300 LX DC 4×4 Long Termer Review

by Stephen de Vries 1,333 views0

When the Isuzu was launched in late 2013, we really didn’t know what to expect of this new generation. It was bigger, no doubt, and has more space. There were also new engines making more power. But at that point in time, nobody knew what it would be like to own one.  Sometimes, testing cars over the periods we do, you can’t always give an outright opinion on what it would be like to own for, say, 5 years.

Well, our opportunity came knocking in December 2014 when we were handed our long term keys for the Isuzu Kb300LX.  The R498 100 price tag is really nothing to smirk at, but it does come with all the things you really want in an everyday vehicle.  The ride comfort is by far superior to most of the other brands and, when it comes down to doing the dirty work, the 3.5 ton towing capacity and its mammoth mule-like torque takes care of everything else.

What impressed us the most is the ultra-low fuel consumption?! In roughly about 4000km, not once did the fuel economy drop below 10km/l and on average it was about 10.8km/l and as low as 11.7km/l when cruising about at the speed limit.  Some of these tanks included towing a motorcycle, from riding spot to riding spot.

All vehicles aren’t prefect and if I had to nitpick at the KB, the biggest annoyance was the radio. I would by far prefer a touch screen unit as seen in the Chevy Trailblazer. This should also make Bluetooth audio streaming a breeze, which it currently does not support. The USB is also mini USB and thus requires an adapter (which is supplied) Bluetooth telephony, but works well and as a result conversations can nearly go on forever without cabin noise or interruptions.

Overall, the Isuzu KB300LX is a real gem. It’s ready to work when you are and when it’s time to play, it will load and tow anything you need.  If I was in the market, I would not hesitate once; it really is a great daily drive.