Isuzu KB300 LX 4×4

by Stephen de Vries 3,299 views0

The Isuzu Kb has been a firm favorite with us for a while because it feels right at home when you put it to work. While it is still a great lifestyle bakkie like most of the rest, it’s definitely not up there when Bakkies in the last 5 years or so have made a giant leap in terms overall comfort, giving you that car like drive. While this is good, this has been to the deficit by removing the workhorse capability that most bakkie owners wanted from the start. Nearly all of the new bakkies have gone soft, with their luxurious interior and interior that will easily scruff. When it comes to refinement, power, and specifications, even with the top level KB models, they still feel happier when working, rather than playing or as the family’s luxury Bakkie.

While this KB300 has been with us since 2013, some might feel that it’s gotten a little long in the tooth. I can’t help but still love it for its honest bakkie like capabilities.

The exterior has been visually enhanced with a unique bumper with projector style halogen headlights and LED daylight running lamps. The sides feature tubular style side steps and the load bay would not be complete without a roll bar. The alloys have been increased to 18” for appearance purposes. They’ve also wrapped them in General Grabber AT tires, which I think suits the overall theme of the bakkie. They are right at home on gravel, much like the bakkie, to be totally honest. It’s one of the few bakkies that I can say, that does not feel out of place hauling ass down a dirt road. Very few of the newer bakkies have the same handling and rough road driving characteristics as the ol’ Isuzu

The interior is leather wrapped with and more than enough comfort. It’s not super luxurious and In my opinion and it’s not an issue. If I wanted something with more luxury, I would not consider the KB to start with. The centre fascia has been restyled with a new Android unit, which I totally love. It’s great to see this technology making it into vehicles lately. They could be a little bit more customizable though.  All things Bluetooth, wifi, and handsfree are still there, as well as tomtom navigation

The 3.0 oil burner is unchanged and still makes a 130kw and 380nm. The Kb delivers strong low-end performance and decent fuel economy which adds to about 10l /100km in the real world. The gearshifts do feel notchy when changing down to overtake, but this all reminds me how far we’ve come in this segment. The Kb still feels like a man’s bakkie, you know like Bakkies should be. If you have a big beard, drive an Isuzu.

The Isuzu, while being on the affordable side of the market in terms of pricing, offers good looks and solid value if you are looking for a workhorse that can also double up as the family car. It’s also backed by a superb after sales service and warranty. The recommended retail on the KB  3.0 LX 4×4 is R580 100, has a 5 year 120 000km warranty and a 3 year 90 000km service plan. For more info, check out