Isuzu KB250LE 4×4

by Stephen de Vries 1,607 views0

Mid-range bakkies are often overlooked due to the current trend of buying the latest and greatest model of the range and, quite frankly, why should they not? They are really that good. But, instead of shelling out another hundred or so thousand rand for the top of the range models, great value can be had in something more entry to middle of the range and the KB250LE 4×4 is no exception. It looks identical to the KB300 and offers the exact same ride, but with a slighter less powerful engine.


However, I must confess that I’ve never been excited about the KB250. Previous models I’ve driven were painfully underpowered and just generally exhausting in all categories. They were designed to be workhorses and this is where they really excelled; the farm bakkie of the masses. They were that popular because they were reliable and in certain parts of the country, Isuzu KB250 D’s are all they will ever drive. No kidding!

The new KB250 engine is anything but slow or boring. Sure, it’s not a KB300, but even the 300 is a work bakkie compared to a robot racer. With result the KB250 is 30kW and 60Nm down on power. Nothing major in my books, but where the new 250 shines is in the engine department. I’ve yet to find a smoother common rail turbo diesel bakkie that you can barely feel while driving. It’s really silky smooth.


Our 250 was delivered in LE trim, which means it came standard with a decent audio system, cruise control and now finally added, the traction control, which was sorely missed on last year’s bakkie. It just gives lesser experienced drivers more confidence on all types of terrain. The LE 4×4 comes standard with an on the fly shift over to 4h and a rear diff lock to get you out of those tricky situations. The towing figures down from 3.5 tons to 2.1 tons braked and with the 320Nm on tap, I can’t see any issues pulling it.


From the outside, you would really have to know your Isuzu bakkies well to tell the difference between the daddy 300 and the kb250. The most noticeable change between them are the headlights…


I’ve really been left impressed with the underdog, as it offers superb value, near identical specs to the KB300 and at nearly a hundred thousand rand less.

Makes it a tough bakkie not to like.

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