Hyundai Santa Fe

by Stephen de Vries 28,876 views0

I’ve been a big fanboy of the Santa Fe for years. The punchy engine matched with spacious high-quality interior has always gone hand in hand. The new updated model is no different.

The front is now rather futuristic looking and you would be fooled to think that the headlights are in fact in the common placement. No sir, they have now been lowered into the spotlight area, making way for the daylight running LEDs up top. This 4th gen really is much more of a striking and high-quality product from the Korean manufacturer.

The 142kw with 450nm 2.2 oil burner really does put the power down well and is very responsive. It’s also pretty frugal with figures under 8l/100km attainable. However, it’s pretty easy to exceed the speed limit so expect numbers just over the 8l/100km. Tank range is just shy of 800km combined.  The 8-speed auto shifts smooth and has no problem putting the power down, however, wheel spin is easily engaged if you are too enthusiastic with the loud pedal. It’s a really responsive engine!

The ride quality is top-notch and the spacious interior with seating for 7 (we managed to fit 7 adults in there). Although the usual last two fold up seats are better suited to children or just left flat to increase your loading space (547l). The rear seats are reclinable for extra comfort on the longer journeys too.

The infotainment supports Apple car play / Android auto and the sound output is very acceptable with most cars in this price bracket.  The leather steering wheel also hosts all the switchgear for the cruise control and audio controls as well as the trip meter. It’s adjustable for height and reach, which is expected in a vehicle of this nature.  There is also an array of USB ports, for whatever use you might have for them. It’s nice to finally have a manufacturer think ahead of the curve and offer more than 2 USB ports.

I find it hard to fault the Santa Fe.  It offers good space with a brilliant engine and features galore. Right now it’s on offer at about R600k, which is pricey but as mentioned it does come with a lot of pros and very little cons.

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