Hyundai I30 1.8 GLS

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Hyundai I30 1.8GLS

There are so many hatchbacks available to us today, it’s really hard to choose. Hyundai released the i30 a couple of months ago and, well, your choices have just become a little tougher.

Hyundai I30

From the outside, you see similar lines to that of the Accent or the Elantra and the interior sort of follows suit. From the outside you have the sharp angular headlights and shapely fog lights which are recessed in a sporty looking bumper. This sporty line continues down the car to the tail where you have a boot spoiler with integrated brake lights. Everywhere you look you have sharp angles, which are very pleasing to the eye. There is no doubt that the I30 is a looker and here to take on the likes of Honda, Ford, VW and Toyota.

Hyundai I30

The I30 is available in 3 models; the 1.6 GL Manual, 1.6GL Automatic and the top of the range 1.8GLS. All engines are fitted with variable valve timing and this just gives it a little bit more power in the upper RPM’s. Make no mistake; both the 1.6 and 1.8 will surprise you in the performance department. The 1.6 produces 95kw and the 1.8 a whopping 110kw and 178nm.
The 1.8 will see a 0-100km sprint in 9.7 and will run on to around 200kph on a flat level road. Fuel consumption figures are pretty good, all things considered. The 1.6 automatic is a little bit heavier than the 1.6 manual and does about 7.6l/100km on a combined cycle. We averaged about 7.8l/100km in the 1.8 on the combined cycle. If you drive carefully, you should be able to bring it close to about 7l/100km. The 6 speed manual transmission on the 1.8GLS is as smooth as silk. The clutch is also pretty soft and will suit the female gender perfectly.

Let’s get inside. The 1.8GLS, which we tested, was the top of the range model fitted with leather seats . All models in the range are similarly specced and the only thing that differs on the 1.6GL vs. the 1.8GLS are the leather seats in the GLS and 17inch alloy wheels.

Hyundai I30

The audio system accepts USB, MP3, CDs and also streams via Bluetooth. There is also a Bluetooth car kit which is very easy to figure out and setup. The Sound system is a 6 speaker unit which is surprisingly good. It has ample volume without sounding flat. Climate control is also standard and is a nice fearture.  Headlights are adjustable and are halogen across the range, fog lights are standard.

Hyundai I30 Interior

The I30 is fitted with 6 airbags, and crumple zone and side impact beams have also been incorporated into the body’s construction. Alarm and immobilizer is standard, as well as central locking. An auto lock function is present when the vehicle exceeds 15km/h and, as with most cars, child locks are present on the rear doors.

Hyundai I30 dash

The I30 makes a compelling argument in this sector and at the entry level price of R229 900 for the 1.6 GL and R249 900 for the 1.8GLS.

The I30 comes standard with a 150 000km/5 year warranty, a 5 year service plan and a 5 year, 150 000km roadside assist package.

You really do need to ask yourself why you have not yet considered the I30 in your shopping basket. If it’s there, good on ya, its worthy!

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