Hyundai i20 1.4 Fluid

by Stephen de Vries 2,564 views0

The super mini sector has become increasingly more competitive over the last couple of years. The likes of the Polo, Corsa and Fiesta had been battling it out and, until now, they have another fighter in the ring.

The new i20 is larger than its predecessor by a whole 45mm and this means the interior space has increased, too. Sliding my 1.9m frame behind the wheel is no issue and front seat comfort is pretty impressive. The interior has been improved with its better than average quality and soft touch inlays also get their place in the cabin. The 3 spoke steering wheel features the multimedia buttons as well as the on-board computer. Our model also featured Bluetooth audio streaming and telephony.

Interior space is generous, even at the back. The boot is a very healthy 294l and is one of the biggest in this class.
At the heart of the i20 is a 1.4 4 cylinder making a rather healthy 74kw and 133nm of torque. These figures are mediocre by today’s standards, but you should take into account that the i20 is still using a naturally aspirated instead of turbocharged, like most of its competitors. Our measured fuel consumption came in around 6.7l/100km combined, which is a little heavier on the side of the scale. Outright acceleration isn’t bad either if you remember that this is only a 1.4l. She does like to be revved to get anywhere in a hurry.

Out on the road, the ride is comfortable and handling is composed with not too much body roll in the hard corners. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not meant to be sporty (they have the N-sport for that) but it gets the job done and hardly feels out of place anywhere.

The i20 is a good alternative if you aren’t into the German thing and offers honest motoring with good trim and spec levels.
Our 1.4 Fluid model retails for R215 900 and features a 5 year, 150 000km warranty and a 3 year 60 000km service plan. Service intervals are every 15000km.