Honda HRV 1.6 Elegance Quick Review

by Stephen de Vries 1,196 views0

The HRV has been updated to fit in with the rest of the Honda’s brand identity and while the changes were only subtle, not only does it look better, it drives better too. Okay sure, the latter might only be in my head, but I tend to like this middle of the range SUV offering that Honda has given us.

This elegance trim HRV is the top of the line 1.8 petrol mated to a CVT transmission. The CVT isn’t a bad thing as it does wonders for economy; but stomp on the accelerator and the noise of the high revving engine might not be to everyones taste. On the road the ride is quiet and even on gravel the road holding is impressive with adequate damping on rougher surfaces.

The power output is a fair 105kw and 172nm; which by today’s standards are actually low, but it works so well in this offering.  Overall economy is around the mid 8 to 9l/100km and as mentioned, power is fair with enough in reserve to overtake at freeway speeds.

The infotainment is in line with most of what Honda has been doing for the last few years and some find it frustrating to operate, but I’m sure when you spend a few ours with it, everything should be second nature.

The HRV is all about space and function and does it offer a lot. For starters, the HRV has Honda’s magic seat system which allows the rear to be fully flat, essentially giving you double the volume of the load bay. Even with the seats up, there is ample rear leg room, even for taller passengers.  The Elegance is their top of the line model and features heated sera, keyless, climate control, rear park sensors and a camera, leather seats , auto wipers and LED headlights.  Android auto and Apple car play is not yet supported locally, unfortunately.

The HRV is all about value for money and reliability. I would have liked to see a larger range of engines (not just the 1.5 and 1.8) as they have in the UK, but only time will tell if that will ever make its way to South Africa.

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