Honda BRV 1.5 Trend

by Stephen de Vries 3,951 views0

There is no denying that the compact SUV market is growing at an alarming rate. So much so that most manufacturers have a slightly lifted model available, which is essentially based on a hatchback of some sorts.

The BRV is very similar in this scenario as its actually built on the Mobilio underpinnings and actually share a lot of the same parts. It’s not a bad thing because the Mobilio did offer a lot of value when it came down to the job, transporting people. As a practical car it worked well, but it never had anybody frothing a the mouth and to be honest, I don’t think there are a lot of people out there that actually have been dreaming of buying an MPV all their life. It’s because it’s practical and there it makes a lot of sense.

The BRV looks a lot more like SUV than an MPV, though from the side, I can’t help but think of the Mobilio, enough of that. On the plus side, the BRV does have a very respectable 210mm ground clearance.

The BRV 1.5 is powered by Honda’s 88kw 1.5l I-Vtec engine that is shared with a lot of other models in their lineup including the Jazz and the Ballade. It’s a proven and actually a very responsive little engine that can deliver excellent consumption figures on the open road. It’s not a very torquey engine, so you have to keep the engine on the boil.

The interior on the BRV is typically Japanese and full of hard plastics. The radio is one of the more basic models but does have your usual USB and Bluetooth functions. The rear seats offer some recline-ability, which can be a nice feature on the longer trips. Overall space in the 2nd row is pretty tight and with them up, takes away a large amount of luggage space. When folded flat, the overall space grows to a very reasonable 691l, from 223l.

The BRV is a good package that will easily handle most of the tasks that larger families can throw at it. The 1.5 I-Vtec engine is a little gem when kept on the boil and the consumption figures aren’t too bad overall. For more info, including pricing and warranties, check out