Honda Brio Amaze

by Stephen de Vries 1,770 views0

When searching for a vehicle to fit the average South African’s budget of around R150 000, as well as keeping in mind the necessary requirements for space, comfort, fuel economy and relative go, there are a couple of options out there to look at.

If you find yourself in this bracket, and you’re prepared to consider both ends of the spectrum when it comes to viewing vehicles; either a top-end vehicle in this segment by a not-so-strongly-branded competitor, is option [a], or the vehicle with an amazing reputation and overall build quality is option [b]. We prefer the latter in this case, and this is a segment in which Honda shines brightly.

With a line-up to choose from in this segment, we find the likes of the Chevy Aveo, VW Vivo, and the Etios on the table. But Honda has now latched on to this niche and brought us the funky Brio.
It’s a great-looking little vehicle and, although it’s not going to win you any quarter mile runs, this sedan is kitted out with all the basics you need to cart your family around in comfort.
Just like its hatchback counterpart, the Brio Sedan is fitted with a 1.2l i-Vtec petrol engine and kicks out a modest 65kW. It’s nothing near to light-speed, but when you hit the 4 500 r/min line and max torque of 109 Nm kicks in, it gets you there at a steady pace through the smooth, five-speed manual transmission changes.

As mentioned before, occupants of the Brio will always be seated comfortably since the entire cabin has a rather spacious feel to it. Legroom isn’t a problem unless you’re freakishly long-limbed and sitting in the rear is an absolute must, and the roof clearance is fantastic.
On this note, the Brio’s rear seats do not flip or fold, which isn’t too much of an issue for most.
Leading through the rest of the car, boot space is rather limited at only 360dm₃ which, depending on your needs, may be a little tight if you’re looking at piling large/heavy items such as school bags and sporting equipment to and from school drops.
However, on the subject of transporting the masses, to work and back every day, and even possibly considering a Sunday afternoon drive every now and then, fuel consumption is one of the most important points to consider when looking at the Brio.
With an acclaimed figure of 7.3l/100km, or 12.7km/l, coursing from a 35l tank capacity, you can expect to reach about 470km until the flashing tank light catches your eye for a refuel.
This is great fuel consumption and is a definite mark on the ‘pro’ side of the checklist.

On the long road, the Brio will happily keep you entertained by means of audio. Although it doesn’t come fitted with a CD player, the majority of vehicles these days, including the Brio, are fitted with AM/FM radio, USB, MP3 and Auxiliary input, and we’re so glad that Honda has kept up with the times.
Further features on the Honda Brio will satisfy all your basic driving needs with all the functionality it has to offer; electric windows, air-conditioning, central locking, ABS and EBD.

On a whole, the Honda Brio isn’t going to run the quickest lap out there, but it is built for comfort, reliability, convenience, fuel efficiency and its good looks don’t hurt either.

Warranty on the Honda Brio is at 3 year 100 000km, a 2 year 30, 000km service plan which means that at R 134,100 it really is a no-brainer.
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