First Drive : Opel Adam

by Stephen de Vries 1,376 views0

Funky meets fresh and then some. That’s the whole idea behind the new South African Opel Adam. We got our chance to sample it first hand on some of the Cape’s greatest roads and came away, well, rather impressed.

The new Opel Adam is available in three models; the Opel Adam, Adam Jam and Adam Glam. The Last two features a brand new 1liter 3 cylinder Turbocharged Ecotech engine, making a healthy 85kw and 170nm. The emissions are claimed at 119g/km. This tiny responsive engine is mated to 6 speed gearbox and gives superb fuel economy. On our test it averaged 4.9l/100km @ 90kph.  The Jam and Glam both feature stop/start technology, as well as a blind spot monitoring feature that informs you on your mirrors, should somebody venture into your so called blind spot.

The interior is also extremely customizable to nearly anything you want and all you really need to do is head on down to your Opel dealer and pick your dash inlay colors, which they assured us would be available at an affordable price. You can then chop and change them over the course of ownership as you like.


The infotainment system is a Mylink type of system, featuring Bluetooth, USB and, of course, navigation. From what I could see it runs very customizable software and new applications could easily be added later down the line. The interior audio left me impressed as it’s not often that a vehicle in this segment actually has a decent sounding audio system. It plays as loud and as clear as you want it, nearly all the way to max volume, which I assure you is plenty loud.


The Opel Adam scored a 4 star in the European NCAP safety test and features ABS, EBD and Stability Control.

On the entry level side of the spectrum, you have the 1.4 which shares its engine with the Corsa and makes 74kw and 130nm. It’s a conventional 4 cylinder and those who aren’t fond of the 3 cylinders have a smoother 4 cylinder option to choose from. It’s slightly heavier on fuel as I averaged 6.1l/100km on its eco run.


The pricing is not available yet as the vehicle is yet to launch to the public, but expect it to be in the region of R180 000 for the 1.4, up to about R230 000 for the top of the range models.