BMW X6M Competition

by Stephen de Vries 27,794 views0

The x6 has received a ton of criticism over the years. You either love the coupe-like styling or you don’t. Fortunately, the segment is pretty competitive so choosing a coupe-like sports activity vehicle won’t be too difficult.

These behemoths have no shortage of power and rival supercar performance in a very practical package. Sure you have a little bit of body lean in the bends, but this comes with the territory. The x6m competition, now up in power and only available in competition form now has a very healthy 460kw and will sprint to 100kph on the low 3seconds bracket. Why you need this sort of power at your disposal is pretty straight forward. It’s because, 1 you can, and 2, you don’t mind feeding those ponies, or rather thoroughbred racehorses under the bonnet.

The 4.4 twin-turbo has been around for a while and the gets improved and tweaked the more the range expands. This engine is shared amongst the M5, M8, and of course the X5 and X6M. It has been around since 2012, with the biggest change in between models, they Moved from a dual-clutch to a ZF gearbox. The ZF is much smoother and suffers way less from the dreaded lurch the DCT was prone to. Overall shifting is not as quick, but it’s an improvement, in terms of smoothness.

You would think that a near nuclear power plant needs a ton of fuel at all times and surprisingly, numbers around the 13l/100km are easily attained on the open road. In town, things are vastly different with things going pear-shaped very easily.

 Our Sahkir-orange interior suited the Carbon black exterior paint nicely, although I would probably opt for a much more conservative black interior to keep things clean. The optional Bowers and Wilkins audio is nothing short of awesome and probably the best R65000 you can spend as an option. The heated and cooled seats with about a million points of adjustability will keep you planted and pinned in. Things like lateral support, lumbar support which is also height adjustable was fitted to our test unit too.

The X6M comes with two programable M modes, M1 and M2, both individually configurable to drivers’ needs. There are plenty of ways you can configure it, from a softer, more forgiving damping setup with full power, or everything in madness mode, with traction and stability off. You get the picture. The X Drive is able to send most of the power to the rear in 4wd sport, so beware when the road is wet, it will get sideways without any trouble at all.

With the coupe, you lose headroom in the rear. Passengers over 1.7m in height will fight the headliner for access to the headrest. So if you are concerned with rear passenger comfort, the X5M is probably a better purchase. Personally the X6M styling appeals to me more and I don’t sit in the back. So, it solves that problem then.

The lateral grip from something this big is impressive, the 295/21 and 315/22 combined with a perfectly tuned M chassis and XDrive is really impressive and will easily hang with supercars on the long winding Cape roads. The X6M is really the supercar with Stillettos. I feel a little ashamed saying that, there is far too much muscle oozing from this bad boy.

There is no need for this to be able to handle the bends this well. As previously mentioned, there is also no need for 460kw, but, here we are and we’re definitely not complaining.

With the world moving away from these monstrous beasts, this might be the last days for the fire breathing, high power V8’s with some other big brands already incorporating electrical assistance and introducing fake cabin noise. Emissions are a real thing and the world needs to go greener. Unfortuanately we will have to make sacrifices. Buy one of these while you still can,

For pricing and specifications, please checkout and spec your own X6M Competition.