BMW 850i XDrive Coupe

by Stephen de Vries 4,737 views0

The big 8; BMW’s answer to the S-Coupe and the Continental GT, well at least in my mind. There has been huge anticipation with the 850i reaching our shores and most of us have seen it, somewhere be it on Twitter or Instagram where the world has been spamming us with the beautiful images. I need to give credit where it is due though… its one helluva pretty looking car.

The 850i is powered by a Twin Turbo 4.4 making a monstrous 390kw and push back in your seat 750nm (which is available from 1800rpm) The power curve as with most force induced v8’s is intoxicating to say the least and though the aim of the 850i is a purebred GT car, I’ve got no doubt that it will hang with the best of them, when the need arises. There is very little not to like about the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde brute of an engine under the bonnet. Its docile, yet it will excite at the press of the accelerator. The all-important yet so irrelevant zero to one hundred, comes up in a blistering 3.7seconds, thanks to the X-drive.

The interior has followed the new BMW trim, with large LCD instrument panels with an array of data from consumption to G-force and yet I can’t find myself getting bored with the display configurations. There is just so much to explore, it might even be overwhelming. The seats are heated and cooled, both electronically adjustable but tall drivers will have issues with passengers behind them. This was however to be expected and is nothing new.

The car was built to excite and there it does not disappoint. It’s beautiful, yet muscular and that twin turbo v8 sounds like Thor has descended from the heavens himself. What a car.

The list price currently

R1872 900 Coupe

R1994 900 Convertible