Bmw 740E IPerformance

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Hybrid vehicles are no new thing to BMW. They’ve been at it since 2008 with their “Active Hybrid” and in 2014 they released the full electric I3 and majestic I8, which has done impressive numbers locally in the last 2 or so years.


There are exciting times ahead for the IPerformance brand, with new models available next year that will entice petrol heads to give electric hybrids at least a try.

The newly launched 740E IPerformance has just been launched and brings a whole new standard to the plug-In hybrid segment. At the heart of the 740E, is the 2.0 4cylinder turbo, that we’ve all come to love doing duty in the likes of the x28 range. The 190kw and 400nm engine powers the 740E pretty well and when the electric 83kw and 250nm gets added to that additional power, this luxury saloon means business. With a healthy 0-100kph time of 5.4 seconds and claimed combined consumption of only 2.1l/100km, you can clearly see the fuel saving benefits in the long run. Sure not everybody who buys a 7 series is the money conscious kind, but let’s be honest, money is money and money definitely looks better in the bank, than in the fuel tank. The batteries are also placed under the rear seats so that the rear boot space is not compromised and thus you still have a healthy amount of space for your luggage.
The current 7 series range is available In 4 variants, namely

Standard R1431 500
Pure Excellence R1444 300
M-Sport R1474 800
Individual R1663 000

Driving the beautiful brute around; has it ooze elegance. The soft leather seats with heated and massage options make your ride very comfortable indeed. When playing around with the tablet and gadgets in the rear of the car, one thing is certain, it’s the place to be. A chauffeur is recommended…


The 740E is also intelligent in managing electric and overall fuel consumption, with 3 modes available to the driver. Auto –Edrive where it does everything for you and also the most economical, this is available at speeds up 80kph, Max Edrive, available at speeds up to 140kph, sort of the best of both worlds mode and then there is Battery control, which is full power, but also utilizes more fuel and will recharge the batteries with the regeneration methods.

With the ever growing network of 22 dealers countrywide and with various charging points available in the major cities, charging your vehicle while having a coffee or lunch is really a simple affair with your personal “Charge Now” card, which is supplied when you purchase any Plug-in Electric vehicle and charging is currently still covered by BMW.


It’s refreshing to see how BMW IPerfomance has embraced hybrid technology and really bought low consumption and emissions into reality, especially on the luxury saloons.

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