2017 Bmw 530D

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Bmw G30 530D

The big 5 series. Something to tell the world that you are significant in some way or another…it could even be to tell them, hey look at me, I’ve got a good taste in cars.

Rightfully so; the 5 series is a really good product from Bavaria and I’ve been looking forward to driving the new 5 oil burner for a long time.

You see, I like torque. It does not matter if it’s a high boosting hot hatch, big v8 or an adequately sized diesel engine, torque is torque and in my opinion, it’s what it’s all about. You see, without it, your car would be screaming around trying to go somewhere, but it won’t feel fast. Big torque numbers impress people… it’s the kick in the seat that has everybody talking.

The 530d is not different. The twin charged diesel makes a monstrous 195kw / 620nm and though it does not always feel like it, there is always power available everywhere. Want to overtake, pull a trailer (thanks to a fold away tow bar – optional) or just impress your friends, it’s got you covered.  Even while you impress them, you will still see half decent fuel economy numbers (8l/100km) and with decent grade diesel available country wide, there are very few issues that pop up lately.

While our test model was fitted with a host of extras, my favourite had to have been the M-Sport body kit. 5 series should be dressed up like this forever, all macho and aggressive, sort of like a bouncer at a night club. Equally so, the 5 does have a certain personality to it. It’s a bit of a bully really and people take note. The intimidation does not stop there, take it out on the road and you’ll have people pull to yellow line so you can cruise on by.

The interior space is plenty. Electric memory seats welcome you with a sporty dash and a new 10.25inch screen which also has the latest iDrive. Of course, things like advanced connectivity is available and it even has hand gesture support, which is pretty cool, but also sort of strange. Just imagine yourself making hand gestures in traffic; you will get the strangest glares from fellow motorists and even the odd angry eye after you’ve swiped left or right… turning the volume up or down involves twirling your finger in a coo-coo type motion, further more reason for those glares.

Our test model was also equipped with BMW’s Ambient Air Package, which will scent the interior via the 4 zone climate control. If there is one thing that I love above everything else, it’s the instrument cluster. It’s crisp, sharp and I love how thought has gone into detail. Not that TFT based clusters are new; quality just varies from brand to brand.

Taking the 530D out on the open road you realise that this is really where it belongs. It’s a mile muncher and will happily eat up the CPT to JHB N1 with a smile. When you throw in some turns the rather sporty chassis (M-Sport) and those 19”s wheels come into their own. Some might feel that it could be too sporty for the application, but this will vary from consumer to consumer. I have little to complain about in how it rides.

Though this executive segment has a fair bit of competition from the rivals European countries, I still feel that the BMW 5 series dressed up with the M-sport kit and 19’s has serious kerb appeal.

For now, it’s the most aggressive looking 5 available; and that’s all that matters

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The brute from Bavaria is back.



Looks great.
Awesome engine


Expensive when adding the options.