BMW 240i M-Sport

by Stephen de Vries 11,041 views0

I may still be young and sometimes I do stupid things. Sometimes great cars make you do stupid things too. Though it’s not often you get in a car and you can just identify with it. It makes you feel a couple of years younger and you just enjoy it for what it is.

The M240i is one of those cars that gives you a tingling sensation everytime you start it up. Its nearly like the A45AMG, but different in so many ways, but both make you feel like a child, maybe a very privileged child. I’ve heard people say, do we men ever grow up or do we just change toys.

Now from a practical point of view, the 2 Series platform does not really offer much. What it does offer is an amazingly balanced chassis with beautiful swooping lines. It does not matter if its the 220 or an M2, the 2 Series just makes men go gaga.

At the heart of this beast is a 3.0 twin charged straight six making a healthy 250kw and 500nm. It often feels much stronger and the 8 speed gearbox just seems so perfectly matched. The end result is nearly always an enthusiastic drive which hampers fuel economy and figures around the fifteen a hundred is not really uncommon. To be totally honest, it does not really matter, what matters is how the car makes you feel when you drive it and to say it inspires confidence is an understatement. With it being rear wheel drive its normal for it to battle for traction and become squirmish, especially when booting it down the road. That is usually always followed by a little childish giggle. On the other side of the spectrum, drive it like you would a 220i and that 15l/100km will quickly come down to a far more impressive 8. But with 250kw and an amazing engine noise, it’s not the easiest thing to do.

The exterior features a ton of splitters and spoilers, mostly carbon fiber and the red accents really contrast so well with the white and black polished wheels. The front spoiler is a little low for my liking measuring a measly 4 fingers between terra firma, meaning you have to be extra careful in steep driveways or even speed bumps. I certainly would not order the car without it either.

The 18inch wheels and 30profile tires offer a very sporty ride which may be too stiff for some. When setting the drive mode to Sport, this increases even more but inspires so much more confidence when the roads start to bend. The exhaust note also changes which I think also contributes to that horrible fuel economy numbers I was experiencing. I guess you can’t always have your cake and eat it… maybe one day BMW will grace us a with a 230D.

The interior is pure M-Sport with BMW’s signature 3 spoke steering wheel and bucket like leather seats. The optional Harmon Kardon system, as usual, is a treat and I believe no BMW should ever be ordered without it. You simply can’t skimp on sound. It still features the usual connectivity like Bluetooth telephony and things like USB.

The 240i reminds me why compact coupes are so good and why you should always own one in your life. The 3.0 Twin turbo is probably one of my favorite engines at this time in the BMW stable and it’s exciting to see that it is even been introduced into the X3. Is the 240i a poor mans M2? Probably not, but is damn close.