All-New Volvo V40 Cross Country pricing released.

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Hot on the heals of the all-new Volvo V40, the Cross Country variant of this premium five-door hatchback is due to arrive in South Africa in March this year. The all-new Volvo V40 Cross Country will be available for public test drives at all Volvo dealers from the 8th of March..

Capable all-roader
While the Volvo XC-models happily flex their muscles, the Volvo V40 Cross Country boasts a sleek ruggedness with its unique features integrated in the stylish design.

There is a clear distinction between Volvo’s XC and Cross Country models. The Volvo XC models have a distinct crossover character with unique body-styles including an elevated seating position, while the Cross Country models are expressive all-road versions of our dynamic wagons and hatchbacks. When it comes to driving dynamics, the V40 Cross Country is eager to take on the sportiest competitor versions.

The driver rides 40 mm higher in the Volvo V40 Cross Country variant than in the standard Volvo V40. This capable impression is enhanced by a number of unique Cross Country details:
•    Wheels size up to 19-inch rims.
•    The front with dark, contrasting bumper, honeycomb mesh grille and upright DRL-lights.
•    The sculpted, contrasting sills.
•    The contrasting rear bumper with integrated skid plate.

Elegant, refined premium crossover
The five-door, five-seat premium all-roader features refined off-road inspired details such as the anodized, black high-gloss frame around the greenhouse, the black rear-view mirror housings and the sleek rails floating over the roof.

“The V40 Cross Country retains its V40 stylishness by integrating the ruggedness in the design with meticulous attention to detail. It has en extrovert, expressive character that promises the open-minded adventurer a great time,” says Simon Lamarre, exterior design manager for the V40 Cross Country.

Copper and brown theme
The Raw Copper exterior launch colour is echoed in the contrasting stitching inside the cabin – and it can be emphasised even further by choosing the Copper Dawn centre stack inlay. The leather upholstery comes in five different versions, including an Espresso Brown accent colour.

“Our customers are individualists, so we want to offer them a lot of possibilities. All choices feature the same strong, emotional expression as the exterior of the car,” says Maria Uggla, colour & material design manager for the V40 Cross Country. She adds: “The two-tone upholstery alternatives are the perfect choices for those who want a truly individual look. There is a generous range of individual possibilities: Dark elegance / Scandinavian bright / Sporty ruggedness – just choose the interior that best suits your personality.”

Versatility for adventures
The V40 Cross Country offers thrill-seeking customers the versatility to load friends, gear, children or pets. It’s designed to suit any lifestyle, especially those with a more adventurous spirit.

•    The two-piece, 40/60, rear seat backrest can be easily folded flat.
•    The load compartment can be equipped with a practical hanging load net.
•    A soft safety net is optional and a steel version is available as an accessory.
•    The car can be equipped with a versatile “extra” floor in the load compartment. It creates several useful possibilities:
•    Fold it up – and get a grocery holder.
•    Fold it away – and get best luggage volume.
•    Flat floor – load long objects.
•    Flip it over to protect the interior and to maximize the volume.
•    Naturally, the front passenger seat can be folded forward to create even more space.
•    In addition to the two permanent hooks, the extra floor integrates hooks for bags.
•    There is a concealed storage area between the upper and lower floors.

The accessory range includes a “Cargo Mat Organiser” that keeps smaller items secure and in order, as well as a “Load Organiser” that includes a load compartment divider, a load belt and two floor rails.

Smart storage
Below the armrest is a storage compartment suitable for CDs and other small items. It also features a connector for either USB/iPod or AUX, depending on the audio system specified. The armrest can be adjusted to provide extra support for the driver. Two cup-holders and a 12V power outlet are integrated in the console in front of the armrest.

•    The glove compartment includes space for two soft-drink cans or bottles that are kept cool with cold air from the Electronic Climate Control system.
•    Height adjustable headrests on the front seats and the centre rear seat.
•    A sunglass compartment above the driver’s door.
•    A penholder in the glove compartment.
•    Integrated cup holder in the rear seat.
•    Handy storage under the instrument panel; on the front seat cushions; on the front seat backrests, and on the outside of the rear seats.
•    Another smart detail for those who have to deal with snow is the specially designed, drained storage unit for an ice scraper in both front door panels.

Seven different mood light options
The interior lighting is designed to give a “theatre lighting” feel. LED lamps are used to light up strategic areas. The driver can enjoy a red-to-blue setting that adapts the light to the interior temperature – or choose between another seven mood themes. The reading lights front and rear can be dimmed.

All Wheel Drive enhances capability
The V40 Cross Country features class-leading driving dynamics with All Wheel Drive available on the T5 petrol turbo to enhance the all-road, all-weather capability.

The five-cylinder 2.5-litre T5 engine has a power output of 187kW and 400 Nm of torque, including 40 Nm overboost delivered during acceleration. It comes with automatic transmission and acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 6.5 seconds. Fuel consumption is 7.8 l/100 km (EU Combined).

There is also the T4, a 1.6-litre GTDi engine with 132kW and maximum torque of 270 Nm, including 30 Nm overboost. Fuel consumption is 5.5 l/100 km. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of 129 g/km.

Smooth Powershift transmission
The T5 version comes with a six-speed automatic gearbox, while the T4 is available in combination with the automatic six-speed Powershift transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox.

Powershift operates in principle as two parallel manual gearboxes with separate clutches, a system that provides quick and fuel-saving gear changes.

Fuel-efficient diesels
The five-cylinder 2.0-litre D4 turbodiesel has been optimised for fuel-efficient driving pleasure. It delivers 130kW and has torque of 400 Nm across a wide rpm range. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 8.3 seconds with the automatic gearbox. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are 5.2 l/100 km (137 g/km) with the automatic gearbox (EU Combined).

In addition there is the 2.0-litre D3 producing 110kW and 350 Nm of torque. Both turbodiesels are available with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Start-stop on all versions
All engine versions have start-stop and brake energy regeneration functionality, no matter whether they are fitted with a manual or automatic gearbox.

Hill Descent Control
To make altitude-changing adventures more comfortable for the driver, the V40 Cross Country also features Hill Descent Control on the T5 version with All Wheel Drive, which controls the car’s speed automatically when driving down steep inclines. The V40 Cross Country also has a practical Hill Hold function that makes it easier to get going on a steep incline.

Focus on Europe and China
Volvo Car Corporation expects to sell 17,000 units per year of the new Volvo V40 Cross Country. Around 50 percent of the total volume will go to European customers and around 30 percent to Chinese buyers.

The V40 Cross Country will be built in Volvo Car Corporation’s production plant in Ghent, Belgium. Production gets under way in November 2012.

Volvo V40 Cross Country Pricing

Pricing includes VAT and emissions tax.


V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Essential

R 319,900.00

V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Excel

R 326,600.00

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Essential

R 335,700.00

V40 Cross Country T4 Manual Elite

R 340,500.00

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Excel

R 342,400.00

V40 Cross Country D3 Geartronic Excel

R 353,700.00

V40 Cross Country T4 Powershift Elite

R 356,300.00

V40 Cross Country D3 Geartronic Elite

R 367,600.00

V40 Cross Country D4 Geartronic Excel

R 368,200.00

V40 Cross Country D4 Geartronic Elite

R 382,100.00

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic Excel

R 390,200.00

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic Elite

R 404,100.00

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic AWD Excel

R 405,900.00

V40 Cross Country T5 Geartronic AWD Elite

R 419,800.00

Note: Except for unique details mentioned in this press release, the new Volvo V40 Cross Country is available with the same features as the standard version of the Volvo V40.