2011 Honda CBR600RRA

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The CBR600RR has been with us for decades and the bike, over the last couple years, has not changed all that much. With the RR’s intro in 2003, it took the mid-size sport bike market by storm.  The fact that it was fully Moto GP-inspired was no coincidence and the braced pro-link suspension and the under seat exhaust were taking right from the RC211V bike.

In 2003 the CBR600RR was voted the best sport bike by many publications and the good looks are still there. The punchy, high revving 600cc motor still has a decent amount of midrange and top-end to pull you right into the blue yonder.

Handling wise, the bike is very neutral and very beginner friendly. Turn in is quick and precise and you can just hit the apex every time. The bike is so easy to ride -it won’t matter if you are a complete novice or an experienced track superstar; there will always be something there to reward you.

The CBR600RR is compact; from the low bars to the thin padded seat, you know the bike was meant for one thing, and that is for carving corners. The braking performance on this ABS model is exceptional. You can hang on those levers at any time and the bike will stop…dead.  The ABS model is more expensive and, from a braking performance point of view, it’s worth every penny.

The cockpit is your typical sport bike: analogue Rpm counter with a digital speedometer, trip meter and odo meter are electronic too, as well as a digital fuel gauge.  It also features Honda Electronic Steering damper, which has been improved over the years.

There is an 18 litre tank, but don’t expect to go too far on a full tank of fuel, considering you can’t help but twist the throttle more than a little enthusiastically most of the time, so your fuel consumption can get as low as 10km/l.  Treat her gently and that rises by almost double.  The Bridgestone BTO 010 tires stick like glue and get warm very quickly – for a factory fitted piece of rubber, Honda did a great job! Life should be relatively okay, depending on how hard the bike is ridden, either on the road or on the track.

The double headlight, with one beam low and 2 beams high, work well. Motorcycles, in general, are not too friendly for riding at night, but I did take it around the block a couple of times and found the light pretty impressive.

Top speed should be around the 270kph mark. Although I did not test the waters, the CBR600RR is pretty capable of blurring speeds. In the world of today, ruled by 1000cc bikes, the CBR600RR definitely has its place. It’s the bike that will always be ready to ride and reward you turn after turn.

The CBR600RR is available in 2 models; the 600RR retailing at R112 999 and the 600RRA (ABS) retails for R121 999. My choice would be the ABS model as the braking is phenomenal for a 600cc sportsbike. Available at your local Honda dealer country wide.


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