Volvo XC 40 Quick Review

by Stephen de Vries 1,639 views0


The luxury small compact market has exploded with choice over the last couple of years with a few great offerings from the manufacturers. We are literally spoilt for choice and taste when shopping in this segment.
I’ve been looking forward to driving the XC40 since it was first unveiled and while there has passed quite a bit of time between that and now, the 40 has always looked desirable. The T5 motor is no longer a 5 cylinder but a more emission friendly 4 cylinder, still making the same power as the 5-er but with much less of an aural engine note. I love the sound of 5 cylinders and really wish they never got rid of it.  The benefit is obviously economy and to that extent, the XC40 will do 8l/100km on the extra-urban drive keeping to the speed limit. That’s not bad considering the 185kw and 350nm that’s available on tap.
The new suede based interior on the R-design is nothing but breath-taking and some will love or hate the Lava themed interior. Sure, black would be more practical but it will never look this good.  The Sensus infotainment has been brought over from the top of the range models and these even featured a Harmon Kardon based audio system.  The usual pilot assist and other safety goodies were all included in the R-design spec.

On the road, the XC is very dynamic for a lifted hatchback, with plenty of grips It’s no hot hatch, but it’s surprising how capable it is when the roads start to turn.  I actually prefer it over the E-pace, which goes for saying how well this handles.

Rumors have it that they are struggling to produce enough XC40’s for SA’s demand and that’s a good thing because this is really a fantastic little SUV.


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