Volvo S60 D4 Drive-E

by Stephen de Vries 1,238 views0

In a segment where the Germans rule, it’s often not hard to find an underdog with enough heart and fight that will come out on top, almost every time. At least in my fairy tale, that is.

The Volvo S60 has been around for years. Most of us have noted that it’s no longer that ugly old thing over there, hiding in the corner. Yes it’s gotten smaller in overall size, but it’s still perfectly spacious just like any 3 series or C class, the two it really competes with.


The interior on the Volvo’s has always been great. There is no denying that when you set foot in a Volvo, you know it’s a Volvo. It could be an 850 or this new S60, Volvo is Volvo. Period. The infamous waterfall has still remained from the previous generation and I don’t think it will be leaving us anytime soon. The design and layout of the cabin is nothing short of superb, with soft touch leather nearly everywhere, except on the top of the dash.  The steering wheels have also had the same layout for the last 10 years and why change it when it works?  Our car, fitted with the Premium pack, added some nice extras like heated front seats,  Sat Nav, Personal Car Communicators, Keyless, Park assist – front and rear and a superb premium performance audio system.


All new for this model is the Drive E a 133kw, 400nm turbo diesel beasty, mated to an 8 speed geartronic transmission. The upshifts and downshifts are effortless and there always seems to be power on tap. The economy is very good also with mid to high 5 liters per hundred not uncommon on the open road. We did drive it a bit more ambitiously and ended up with mid sixes over 1000km- on one tank of diesel, I might add.  The overall consumption was very impressive. There were times I really wondered if I would be able to empty the tank. 0-100kph comes up in a well-respected 7.4seconds and will run on to something far north of 200kph.


Interior space is good, all things considered. If you do have a tall driver, rear space behind could pose a bit of an issue, as it does with most cars really. The rear leg room is 852mm in total and a boot space Is 380l.

This new engine of Volvo has changed things around in the diesel segment, with it being exceptionally low on carbon emissions (109g/km). it has great overall performance and its fuel efficient too.  There is absolutely no reason why the S60 should not be on your shortlist if you are looking at the likes of the 3, C or A4.


Prices start at R352 900.


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