Toyota FJ Cruiser

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The big bad 4×4 of Toyota was recently updated to be even more capable and distance hungry. You see, the original FJ was fitted with a 72l tank and this meant you had to stop for fuel more often, all because of the lovely 4.0l V6 engine.

Fj Cruiser

Now, I’m not saying that the 200kw gem of an engine isn’t already notoriously known for being a gas guzzler; I just mean that most of it is due to the weight of your right foot. There is some serious get up and go from this rock crawler which will see you jump to 100kph in less than 8 seconds.
Fj Cruiser

But the main thing about the FJ is the Land Cruiser DNA. This means it needs to be able to cover some serious distance between fill ups. The 72l fuel tank just did not cut it and, with result, Toyota has now fitted an 87l sub tank. This will give you an estimated range of well over 1000km, depending on how you treat the loud pedal.
Fj Cruiser

The approach angle is an impressive 34 degrees with a 29 degree break over and a 31 degree departure angle, puts it up there with the best of them, but still falling slightly behind the Wrangler. However, this drives like a car, which is mainly due to the independent suspension. There’s a big debate on which is more capable, but both having their clear advantages and disadvantages of being better. The main advantage is on road handling, performance and ride quality. A place where the FJ really shines.
Fj Cruiser

The new FJ is also fitted with a “crawl” system, as mentioned before, which is a feet-off system to help take the vehicle over some extreme terrain.  It uses electronic aids such as the Traction Control and brakes to control speed and minimize wheel slip and lockup. If you add the rear diff lock and the A-trac system, you will have to go into some seriously technical terrain to get it stuck.
Fj Cruiser A Track

The interior is still pretty much baseline, but I like it. It looks rugged and can handle abuse and obviously some scuffing. Things like steering wheel controls and a decent audio system is pretty much standard equipment, but the addition of a rear facing camera is new. This helps parking in tight spaces as the visibility through the rear panel windows are poor and the vehicle has some major blind spots.

The FJ is available in 2 models; the base as we tested, and the sport, which features some chrome bits a full rear wheel cover, leather seats and some sport badges.

Service intervals are every 10 000km and it comes standard with a 5 year / 90 000km service plan and a 3 year 100 000km warranty.

Price as listed R 476 500


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