The New Opel Corsa

by Stephen de Vries 1,231 views0

A brand new face is going to be seen on the roads very shortly. The new Opel Corsa, which is available in 3 models, will most definitely be a strong seller.

At the heart of the new Corsa is the 1.0l triple, which is turbocharged and makes an impressive 85kw and 170nm. Fuel economy is also an impressive 5l/100km, although we did see figures as low as 4.7l/100km. The 6 speed gearbox is extremely smooth and 6th gear really does wonders for that fuel economy.

While on the interior side a lot of it looks like it has been lifted from the last new comer, the Adam, and the interior is really of a higher quality than we would expect. There is decent space up front and rear legroom is not to be smirked at. A full size spare wheel is also a standard feature.

The Essentia, the entry level of the range which is priced at R185 500, features halogen daylight running lamps, start stop, electric windows (front only) and mirrors, 15” wheels and black cloth upholstery.  An option pack 1 and 2 is available and the first adds air con and 6 speaker sound system with steering controls. Option Pack 2 includes Option Pack 1 with additional 15” alloy wheels and the intelli-link touch screen info system.

The mid-range Enjoy (R216 200) features LED daylight running lamps, an onboard computer, 16” alloys and color coded door handles. Option pack 1 in this model includes the intelli-link system. Option pack 2 includes the intelli-link, blind spot monitors and park assist.

The top of the range Cosmo model (R236 300) features cruise control, bi-xenon headlights, auto dimming rear mirror and ambient lighting in the cabin. Option pack 1 includes blind spot monitoring and park assist.

The new fifth Gen Corsa is here to make a name for itself and, with decent specification and good build quality, we can’t see how it will fail.

The New Corsa comes standard with a 5 year 120 000km warranty and a 3 year 60 000 km service plan.



Watch out for our review soon.