Subaru Levorg Lineartronic

by Stephen de Vries 2,705 views0

When you think Subaru, you think WRX, Forester or Outback. Maybe a little bit less of the last two, but rather WRX and then the WRX STI. The likes of the Legacy and Legacy wagon has long time been forgotten and it’s a shame really, mainly because the new Legacy really is a brilliant car.

Enter the Levorg. La-what? Yes, the Levorg, basically a WRX Sportwagon as most of us knew them from the mid-2000’s and unfortunately they’ve disappeared too, over the last decade or so.

The Levorg borrows mostly everything from the current WRX Lineartronic, with a smooth CVT gearbox, that has pretty aggressive feeling shifting points programmed into the gearbox too, for when you start playing with the steering mounted paddles. This takes away that dreaded CVT feeling and makes it feel far more dual-clutch like, but still, it’s not. It’s however, not bad, at all.

The engine is rated at 197kw and a fairly decent 350nm which is available from a low 2400 rpm. You can expect 0-100kph times in the mid 6’s, because launching an automatic turbo Scoobie, can be an interesting affair. So it’s best to just mash the accelerator to the floor and hope for the best.

The interior is lifted straight from the WRX, so mostly all of it remains the same. From the D shaped steering wheel with the engine management mode selector called S-drive mounted to the steering as well as multimedia controls. I’ve never really been a fan of the multimedia system in Subaru’s because they’ve mostly felt lacking behind the Germans over the last few years.  Though, when equipped with the Harmon Kardon system, it makes things a lot better. The Levorg sadly is not.

The driver seat is 8-way power adjustable, but unfortunately, the passenger still needs to manually operate their seat.  The rear seats have ample space and feature ISO-fix child seat adapters. They also fold flat in a 60:40 manner. The boot is huge and in fact, larger than what you find in the current Forester. Think about that when you dip your rusk in your coffee.

Subaru has really come to the party, have won numerous safety awards in their WRX and the Levorg is no different.  It received a 5 star NCAP award and features mostly all of the safety bells and whistles you can think of; including driver knee and passenger airbags, dual curtain airbags, dual front side airbags and a ring-shaped passenger safety cell.  ABS with EBD, Vehicle Stability Dynamics Control, and Brake Assist are also all standard.  The Levorg also features their Eyesight safety option which incorporates auto braking and also collision warning lights on the dash. Adaptive cruise control with lane departure is also standard.

The Levorg is a practical WRX and perfect for the active family which needs added space, practicality and a little bit more than average performance from their car. Officially on sale a little later this year in a facelifted version, I think it’s going to be a fresh performance based wagon into the segment. Although there are no official prices available, I’m expecting it to come in around the R560 000- R600 000 bracket. For more news, keep an eye out at your local dealer.