Subaru Forester 2.0 X

by Stephen de Vries 2,561 views0

Entry range vehicles are usually boring and nothing much to get excited about. These are the vehicles people usually buy because they really want one, but can’t really afford the higher and better specced models in the same range. Nothing wrong with it, but it comes with its downsides.

Forester X

The vehicles are mostly just a shell and 4 wheels; not much else. The 2.0X, is the baby Forester of the range and you would expect the above to count for it too, but strangely it surprises me with its spec level, especially for an entry level vehicle.
Forester X interior

When driving the 110kw 2.0X around, you quickly realise that it lacks a bit of vooma, which the bigger brother, the 2.5, has. Especially in the torque department, but at least the plus side is that it returns excellent fuel economy.  So, especially on the long, windy hills through KZN, you need to stir the gears a little, but it copes perfectly fine in the end and keeps up with traffic just fine. When the road opens up, engage cruise control and just go where the road takes you. After all, there is very little that will get in the way of the brilliant symmetrical all-wheel drive which, in my opinion, is the very best in the business.
Forester 2.0 X

The interior is cloth based and very spacious. You’ll easily fit a family of 5 in there and hit the road with no real complaints of comfort. General rear space for the tall guys is also rather impressive. Rear loading space a mammoth 505l with the seats up and a titanic 1564l with them down. Either way, you should get your entire luggage in there when you hit the open road.
Forester X space

The Forester also feature ABS, EBD and brake assist and comes with 7 airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver. The multi-function steering wheel controls the audio, cruise control and also activates the Bluetooth phone.  The system also features a control for the info screen which will return information on consumption, current traction and so on. Rather addictive to keep an eye on while driving, mind you.
Forester X

The Forester X has come out on top in a big way. I really expected a bare shell with wheels, but the Forester X even surprised me with its rear view camera. It is proof that there is so much value here and you should really drive the whole range to see which model suits you better.

The X has a lot going for it. From the excellent fuel consumption and phenomenal all-wheel drive, to the spacious boot, the Forester will take itself and its comfortable 5-seater capacity to new heights with stunning views.


The Forester X retails at R329 000. For more information, check out