Renault Sandero 1.4i

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When you are just finishing school, buying a new car is not always an option. The price of new cars these days are a lot higher than they were 10 years ago – in terms of what you get for your money, anyways.

Let’s look a little closer. The Sandero has a fuel injected 1.4l engine making 55kw and 112nm. Not a lot, you might think, but I can assure your student budget that you should be thankful for that. Renault claims a 7.0l/100km combined figure and a whopping 5.4l/100km extra urban (open road) and that is pretty impressive. It also has a 50l fuel tank, which means you should be able to go far in between fill ups.  0-100 comes up in 13 seconds and it will go on to a top speed of 161km/h.

The Sandero comes standard with ABS and has front disk brakes with rear drums. Electronic brake force distribution is standard, which should keep you safer in case of those winter days where you need to slam on the brakes.  There are 2 airbags upfront, 1 for the driver and 1 for the passenger. The passenger can also be disabled by means of a key.  Central locking with immobiliser is also standard, so in theory, nobody should be able to just drive away with your new pride and joy!
Face it, the interior is a little bit plastic-like, but then again, you are buying a reliable run about and not a luxury sedan. The fabric seats are reclineable with adjustable headrests. Air-conditioning is standard on the 1.4 so this will keep you cool during those warm summer days. A factory fitted CD player with 4 speakers will also keep you entertained in the stop start bumper to bumper traffic situations.  Windows and mirrors are manually adjustable and, while it’s not really a nice thing, it’s a good thing because as we all know; without electronics there is less to go wrong later down the road.


Renault has made it pretty affordable by almost giving their 1.4 Sandero away at R109 900. Yes it’s a fairly basic entry level car, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  It’s a typical hatch and a big one at that. For the sort of money we are talking about, there is very little in this size and price range to compete with.

There is also an optional 45 000km service plan and every Renault Sandero comes standard with a 150 000km/ 5 year warranty.


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