Renault Megane Trophy RS300

by Stephen de Vries 20,048 views0

Dear Trophy.

I just want to thank you for the fun we had together. I am really sad we had to part paths so soon. Maybe one day, we will be reunited. Until then, much love and all the best.


The limited run and highly anticipated RS Trophy landed here while we were in our hard lockdown, needless to say, being a big Megane Rs fanboy, I knew from past experience that this new car was going to be very good. At first, I had my doubts; to me, it was priced a little ambitiously but then remember we had the Golf GTI Clubsport too, and that was a very focussed car that was rather pricey too and it sold!

So what is the RS Trophy? The Trophy brings Renaults F1 technology to the Megane in ways that you could never imagine. A fully retuned engine, running higher boost, a dual valved exhaust system, fantastic Brembo brakes, and hydraulic dampers, that’s tuned very aggressively and mainly track orientated. Not to mention, the mechanical Limited-slip differential, Recaro bucket race seats that is race harness friendly and an interior wrapped in Alcantara.  I could not really care about the rest of the car as this does not really matter. In my mind, this car is not a car that I want to use as a family car. It would be a sacrilege.

On to the fun part, clutch in, hit the start button and it fires up. I immediately hit the RS Multi-sense button and change to sport mode, at the very least, you know, just because “Race car”. The car purrs along and wakes up the neighborhood. It’s a sound that so familiar in my driveway, I really could not care anymore. The car invokes a special feeling, you know the kind where it just wants you to thrash it and drive it like you stole it, everywhere. I mostly try and contain myself where I can, but I find it difficult. The burbles popping through the valved exhaust is intoxicating and I just want more of it, the car just wants to please. I want to drive straight to the dealership and sign the OTP.

But I resist. I cannot fall in love with the Trophy again. Last time it happened I had my heart broken. I think sensible about our short fling and accept it for what it is. Just that.  

The interior, is typically Renault RS and I am familiar with it. The biggest improvement on the interior I feel is the comfort and necessities. The Arkymys 3D sound system which is also Megane specific seems to have been much better acoustically designed. The bass is now up to par with most other brands in this segment. In all honesty, I only paired my phone a few days later because, I really could not have been bothered with the audio. This is a drivers car and most petrolheads will probably feel the same way I do.

The 1.8l turbo makes a strong 221kw and 400nm. It comes with a fair amount of turbo lag, which I prefer. It just makes the power come on so much more aggressive, but you lose slight day to day driveability. The 0-100kmph times are claimed at 5.6s and I have no reason to doubt it. It’s completely irrelevant as this car is designed to go around turns. So much so, that it has beaten much quicker cars around the Nürburgring.  The amount of confidence it inspires when you pitch it in and the level of grip, even from the Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires are impressive. Throw it in and get on the pedal mid corner and you can just feel the mechanical diff pulling you out the other side with little to no understeer. I would personally probably fit a Michelin Pilot Sport 4s on here if it was my own car. This would make a fantastic turning car even better.  

With all flings, there are pros and cons. The biggest con for me is the ride comfort. Its very stiff around town and country roads. Even when In comfort mode, it bounces and hops around. Then there is the drinking side of her when she gets feisty.  Overall, the consumption is very acceptable at around 9l/100km, but then what’s the point. She will prod and provoke you whenever she can.  She’s the worst partner you can wish for, but the one you can’t live without.

She is high maintenance too and will require plenty of spa days to keep her beautiful paint shining. Man, she’s a catch but comes at a price of R774 900, a price I’m willing to pay.