Renault Megane RB8 Redbull

by Stephen de Vries 1,921 views0

Absolutely brilliant. That’s it and that should be the end of the review. There is nothing more to say about this magnificent vehicle. It’s truly brilliant in every shape and form.  That is if hot hatches are your thing. Let’s pretend they are and we forget all about the other things that are important in an everyday car.

The Renault Megane Red Bull Edition is a race car that you can drive in the road. It’s incredibly quick too, with power available at the push of the throttle.  No matter which gear you are in, some gears just provide a whole lot more thrust.

The Renault Sport tuned Megane produces a whopping 195kw and 360nm of torque and should sprint from 0-100kph in a claimed 6.0 flat.  It would be quicker if it weren’t for those 19inch Bridgestone 235/35 tires battling to find traction in the 1st three gears. Seriously, this little monster will torque steer up to about 3rd gear thanks to their innovative mechanical limited slip diff fitted as standard on both the cup and this very limited version. A quarter mile time is claimed around a 14seconds flat and, to be honest, if you think that it’s not quick enough, you have a whole different can of worms coming your way.

The Cup chassis, which is 10mm lower than the stock Megane RS, also has revised struts and springs and honestly can be very harsh around town, but you tend to forgive it of all its short comings when the road starts to turn. It is simply amazing and that is putting it mildly.

The interior of the Red bull is fairly basic. You have a lovely leather wrapped racing steering wheel with leather wrapped Recaro’s and a red stitched theme with red seat belts to match. There are the normal, everyday things like cruise control and even a manual speed governor,  nice to have but I don’t see the point.  The audio system, which features both USB and Bluetooth, is pretty basic and has adequate volume, but yet again there are better audio systems in this price class. However, yet again, if you understand the cars purpose, I’m actually surprised it came fitted with a radio. To me that’s just unnecessary extra weight and it should really be thrown out.

The car also features a 3 stage ECU setting which incorporates traction controls to them. You have normal mode with full traction control and a boost pressure of about .9bar, then you have sport mode which increases boost a little and makes traction control a little less intrusive. You can also opt to switch the traction control off, which will basically be a track mode where all the power is unleashed. Throttle response is so much faster and the car is actually pretty ferocious for a front wheel drive hatch.

On the safety side, you have the slotted 4 pot Brembo brakes, the best in the game, which has a slight squeak when cold and yes, that’s normal, but will also stop the car from crazy speeds on a dime. Brake fade is also non-existent.  There are also dual front airbags and side seat airbags as standard.

There are Bi-Xenon headlamps up front with day light running lamps which remain on while driving at day. The headlights also have an auto selection along with auto wipers. The metallic blue with checkered flag on the roof, made the car stand out, anywhere.

Our fuel consumption figures were not as brilliant as we had hoped but in all honesty the car was driven and in this case a figure of 11.8l/100km overall was attained in mostly urban areas. On the open road we did have it around the 8l/100km mark.

Renault definitely owns the hot hatch segment at the moment and it will be a while before I see any hot hatch dethroning the current FWD Nurburgring champion.  The Megane RB265 does have a hefty price tag of R429 900, but it’s worth every cent.  If you want to own the block with the hottest, meanest and baddest hot hatch on the planet, you better hurry as there are only limited numbers available.

A 5 year/100 000km service plan and a 5 year/150 000km mechanical warranty is standard. Service intervals are every 15 000km. For more info, check out