Renault Captur Sunset 1.5 DCI First Drive.

by Stephen de Vries 1,873 views0

A small diesel B-Segment crossover, economy, and torque all packed in one? I think this is what the Renault fans have been waiting for. While the K9K model has been used in various vehicles around the globe and has been used in the Clio 3, Duster, Kadjar and finally now the baby Suv, the Captur, its here and it means business, especially from the fuel economy standpoint.


The new Limited Edition Renault Captur Sunset has also been revealed and will be sold in a very limited 100 run in our South African market. This features a diamond black paint scheme, combined with Sunset orange features (roof, interior, seats etc). The multimedia system has also been upgraded to Renaults Medianav system, which was previously also seen in the Kadjar.


The biggest impression the DCI Captur has been is its fuel economy. With a claimed figure of 3.6l/100km and only 95g/km of carbon, I initially thought it was just over inflated claims. Driving the Captur in a sedated manner, I very easily saw 3.7l/100km out on the freeway. After a bit of traffic and not really paying attention to my driving style, the figure rose to a still very impressive 4.4l/100km.


How does the Captur stack up to the rest of the segment? We will just have to wait and see.


The Captur Sunset Limited Edition DCI retails at R292 400 (R2500 metallic paint included)

Recommended prices

  • Renault Captur 88kW Turbo Dynamique EDC(petrol)                                         R 243 900
  • Renault Captur 66kW Turbo Dynamique (petrol)                                                  R 264 900
  • Renault Captur 1.5DCI 66kw Turbo Dynamique                                                    R 289 900
  • Renault Captur 66kW Turbo Expression (petrol)                                                  R 304 900