Peugeot 3008 Allure

by Stephen de Vries 2,114 views0

When I think of the  3008, I think of an eyesore. The previous generation was probably the ugliest thing on the road that time, mainly because it was not sure if it was an MPV or an SUV; but thankfully; a trip back to the drawing board quickly sorted that out.

This changed things around completely for the brand and what they came up with, was an elegant, award-winning little SUV with all the French flair and design traits to match. Just looking at it you end up thinking, man, they really thought this design through.

Now in hindsight, the demographic is majorly female based as most men still prefer things a little rougher around the edges, but this does not mean we can’t appreciate a little bit of art when we see it.


The 3008 is powered by a 1.6 4 cylinder making a rather punchy 121kw and 240nm of torque. The 6-speed auto ensures for smooth shifts and feels really refined. The overall fuel economy Is pretty on par with the segment too, popping in around the 8l 100km mark and when all things are considered, its not bad by any means.

The interior has been completely redesigned and dare I say it there is nothing in its segment anything like it. Come to think of it, the interior reminds me somewhat of a Lamborghini Huracan’s with its angular design traits and alu-type switches. The multimedia system is still very much screen controlled with switches on the center facia which will bring up various menus like navigation, climate control and so forth.  The biggest and nicest improvement has to be the Peugeot I-cockpit which is a TFT based screen displaying mostly anything from your navigation to your music. It’s pretty customizable too. I just found myself flicking through screen after screen trying to find my perfect balance.  Many people still like to complain or mention the small steering wheel, I’ve gotten accustomed to it and actually prefer the way it feels.  The interior space is ample, with plenty of leg and headroom for the passengers. The boot is also a very healthy 591l, mostly bigger than most of its rivals.

The overall ride quality is firm and sporty like. The 3008 rides far more like a hatchback than its segment siblings which tend to be much more comfort based and under-sprung. This means you can actually enjoy it as a sporty utility vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the most engaging to drive, but it handles very well for what it is.

So, while the Peugeot might not be on the mind of the initial crossover buyer, it should definitely not be ignored. It’s really one of the more refreshing models available at this moment.

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